10 Creative Challenges To Try At Home

Activate your creative engines exploring these challenges with family and friends

Are you still figuring out how to spend your family time this holiday season? These creatives, experts in disciplines such as illustration and graphic design, accepted some of Domestika’s creative challenges that you can try at home with family and friends.

Spend some quality time with a creative twist! You’ll only need a pen, paper, color pencils or markers, watercolor or acrylic painting, objects you can find at home, and if you’re feeling like it, your tablet or computer for some digital drawing activities.

To read full instructions on each challenge and learn more about each creative, please click on its red title. Enjoy!

Ji Lee Challenges You to Make Someone Happy in This Creative Challenge

Ji Lee (@jilee) is a freelance designer currently working as creative director for Instagram and Facebook, is a strong believer in the power of personal creative projects. For him, projects that really touch and move us are the best way to expand our horizons.

For this reason, his Challenge is called ‘Make Someone Happy’, and the goal is to use our creativity to, well, make someone happy. Are you ready?

Challenge: Turn a Blob Into a Character and Unlock Your Creativity

Nathan Jurevicius’ art (@nathanjurevicius) is as varied and original as his own career: illustrator, conceptual artist, author, and toy designer, the multifaceted creator has contributed to numerous publications, advertising campaigns and exhibitions around the world. His clients include Nickelodeon, MTV and Ikea.

In this Domestika Challenge, Nathan shares an exercise to unlock our creativity by combining watercolor spots and drawing as he faces his own Challenge in front of the cameras. Can he transform colored spots into characters and worlds with their own identity?

Challenge: Illustrated Letterform

Through blending illustration with typography, illustrator and multidisciplinary designer Birgit Palma (@birgitpalma) creates colorful and expressive letterforms that add another layer of meaning to the words they spell out.

In this Domestika Challenge, Birgit is given a mystery box filled with random items and asked to create a letterform using three of them. Want to see how it turns out?

3 Drawing Challenges That Will Unlock Your Creativity

Chance, mistakes, games, limits, and freedom: all can serve to help you unleash your imagination, create a language, and find your voice.

In this video, illustrator Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) three drawing challenges that will push you to experiment with manual techniques and unlock your creativity. Gather up all the art materials you have at home; it’s time to put your creativity to the test.

Challenge: Can You Paint a Portrait with Just One Color?

How does one bring a face to life using only one color? How do you build features, the shadows, and textures without being able to use anything but green?

Of course, patience and mastery are needed, virtues that can only be learned with constant practice and which Alejandro “Ale” Casanova (@casanova_ale) a multi-award winning painter and teacher, has plenty of. Will he be able to paint a watercolor portrait using only green watercolors?

Challenge: Hanoch Piven is Faced With an Improvised Collage

Hanoch Piven’s (@piven) work has featured in iconic magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and Der Speigel and won him the Society of Illustrators of New York’s Gold Medal. He also publishes children’s books in which various textures and materials are woven together to build unexpected characters and universes.

The mixed media artist is an expert in making faces through the collage of objects. But how will he fare when confronted with our mysterious box?

Challenge: James Lewis Paints the Champion Logo in 10 Minutes

James Lewis (@jamesllewis) is popular on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok for his brilliant deconstruction of some of the most popular logos in existence: the huge reach of his videos have got him work with Amazon, Samsung, Montblanc, and Rolls-Royce. He now gives conferences and classes on lettering around the world.

Lewis is an expert in creating some of the most well-known logos in the world in brush lettering, but will he be able to recreate the sporting brand Champion’s logo in just 10 minutes?

Challenge: Illustrate in Procreate with Just Two Colors

To say that Samuel Rodriguez (@samrodriguezart) an illustrator focused on creating portraits would be an understatement: the American artist has made a name for himself by cultivating a unique style in which the human face is fused with typography, all through the digital drawing tools of Procreate.

But will he be able to overcome the Domestika Challenge? In this case, we asked him to create a digital illustration in Procreate with a time limit of ten minutes… using only two colors.

Challenge: Draw a Character in 5 Minutes Using Photoshop

Joel Santana’s career (@themaddhattr) extends from illustrations for advertising campaigns, to packaging and toy design. He has developed projects for well-known brands such as Walt Disney World Orlando and Champs Sports. But now he faces a challenge he has never faced before…

In this Domestika Challenge, the illustrator only has five minutes to draw a character from scratch using a graphic tablet and Photoshop. Will he succeed?

Challenge: 3 Fun Ways to Stimulate Creativity

Since he was a teenager, Rogério Puhl (@rogeriopuhl) had always dreamed of being an artist. After discovering the world of digital illustration at the age of 18, he began a career in advertising, and went on to work for some of the most successful agencies in Brazil.

Thanks to many years of experience, Rogério has lots of tips on how to get your creative juices flowing. In this challenge, the artist shares three ways to keep your mind active.


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