5 Online Watercolor Painting Courses to Spark Your Creativity

Develop all your creative potential and learn from the best watercolor experts

Watercolor painting is popular for the freedom it provides. Both the technique used to stroke the paper with the brush, and the way the colors are mixed, offer the opportunity to add your own personality to the sheet.

For this reason it is often said that, more than a technique, watercolor is an attitude. But mastering it is not always easy: the balance between the amount of water and pigment will always define the final result and only experience will teach you to control the process.

These five courses taught by professionals will help you start, develop and improve your talent. They are essential for those who know the unpredictability of watercolor and are an excellent option to make the most of Domestika's Black Friday.

Modern Watercolor Techniques, a course by Ana Victoria Calderón

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be able to create a whole universe in watercolor? Try and be surprised by the illustrator, designer and artist Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana) and the infinite possibilities that the technique can offer. You will learn to master watercolor and use it in a fun way to get amazing results.

Botanical Watercolor for Patterns, a course by Isabela Quintes

Translating the beauty and diversity of the botanical world in watercolors is the great challenge of the Brazilian artist Isabela Quintes (@isabelaquintes) who, in a self-taught way, managed to transform her hobby of illustrating into a profession. In this course you will learn basic watercolor techniques to create your own botanical illustration. Isabela will teach you, step by step, how to create a pattern from your composition to apply it to the printing of any object.

Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor, a course by Ana Santos

In this course, the illustrator and artist Ana Santos (@anasantos) shares the technique she uses to create her wonderful portraits illustrated in watercolor, a discipline that allows us to explore techniques and combine materials. Taking a photograph as a starting point, Ana will teach you to immortalize expressive looks and melancholic gestures, adding organic or invented elements to enrich and give a different and original atmosphere to your design.

Watercolor Illustration with Japanese Influence, a course by Flor Kaneshiro

Sumi-e is a monochrome drawing technique, based on the use of Chinese ink and introduced in Japan in the mid-14th century. Flor Kaneshiro (@florkaneshiro), an Argentine illustrator with roots in Okinawa, specializes in this art. In this course, Flor will teach you everything you need to know about Sumi-e to create your own illustrations, mixing watercolor basics with Japanese-style brushstrokes.

Embroidery and Watercolor Basic Techniques, a Course by Katy Biele

Harmoniously combining two almost antagonistic techniques and making them complementary requires a special sensitivity for the arts, as well as a great desire to experiment and make mistakes until finding the perfect combination. This is the specialty of Katy Biele (@katybiele), a Chilean textile artist and painter based in Canada. In this course you will learn to mix these two artistic techniques with a fun and creative process to finally create a unique textile piece that combines lines and watercolors.


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