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Social Media Tutorial: How to Make a Video Selfie

Marcelo Tas, star Brazilian television presenter, gives us tips for how to speak well on camera and make interesting videos using your mobile phone

Marcelo Tas is a communication expert. A television presenter with experience working on various Brazilian networks, a scriptwriter, a journalist, and an influencer with more than 12 million followers on social networks, he is a master when it comes to onscreen communication, whether it be TV or a mobile phone. Thus, there's no one more qualified than him to teach us how to take a good "selfie video" for social media.

For Tas, the first important thing you need to focus on is the noise and light in your environment. It is essential to avoid noisy or poorly lit areas, because if you film here the quality of your video will suffer and your message won't be able to reach your audience.

Your choice of setting also matters: if possible, try to record in a place that's related to the topic you will be talking about in your video.

Social Media Tutorial: How to Make a Video Selfie 3
Setting: it must be appropriate to communicate the message

To avoid feeling nervous while recording he offers a few valuable tips, like making sure to breath properly, doing voice exercises beforehand, and, above all, focusing on the present.

Social Media Tutorial: How to Make a Video Selfie 5
Breathing helps focus and control nervousness

His final piece of audience is to remember how essential it is to keep your audience engaged throughout your entire video. Pay attention to the tone, avoiding monotony. Do not continuously speak in the same way, since by altering the rhythm of your speech and your tone you'll be able to generate more audience interest. Add in surprises, and keep them watching by giving them the sensation that there's more to discover.

Social Media Tutorial: How to Make a Video Selfie 7
Varying your shots, tone and rhythm will help keep the viewer's attention

Ready to record your own selfie video? To learn more from Marcelo Tas about how to master creative communication techniques and understand the needs of your audience, check out his online course Creative and Efficient Project Communication.

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