Transfer a Drawing to Fabric With This Simple Method

Learn a simple method to transfer your drawings to fabric to be able to embroider them easily

When starting to embroider, no matter what method we want to use, having a pattern helps us know where to work, especially if we are just starting out. A common option is to transfer a drawing to fabric and then use it as a reference for our stitches.

In the following video, the designer, embroiderer and art director Koral Antolín (@koralantolin) shows us a simple method step by step to transfer our drawings to fabric and embroider them easily. Discover it below:

How to transfer a drawing to the canvas

We need a series of very simple elements to carry out this exercise:

- A piece of fabric that we want to embroider
- A piece of paper with the drawing we want to transfer to the fabric
- A chalk pencil
- A pen or graphite pencil

To begin, we will take our drawing, place it upside down on the fabric, and go over its outlines with the chalk pencil on the back of the paper.

Transfer a Drawing to Fabric With This Simple Method 3
Trace the outline of the drawing in chalk

Once we have gone over the outline, we turn the paper over, placing the chalk part against the fabric, and we go over the contours again so that the chalk rubs off on the fabric.

Transfer a Drawing to Fabric With This Simple Method 5
Now, trace the outline of the drawing on the other side with a pen or pencil

And that's it, our drawing is transferred to the fabric, quickly, simply, and with some very easy to find materials.

Transfer a Drawing to Fabric With This Simple Method 7
Our drawing transferred

Did you like this little tip? Remember you can learn to combine Kantan needlepoint and traditional needlepoint to create unique portraits on Koral Antolín's online course Embroidered Linear Portrait.

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