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Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor

A course by Ana Santos, Painter and illustrator

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  • 4h 10m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
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  • 100% Positive reviews (1.2K)
  • 20831
  • 4h 10m
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Spanish / English / Portuguese
Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor. A Illustration course by Ana Santos Top sales

Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor

A course by Ana Santos

REBAJAS 78% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 9.90
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Learn to combine traditional techniques and digital retouching with Photoshop

In this course, the illustrator and artist Ana Santos will teach you the technique she uses to create her wonderful portraits illustrated in watercolor, step by step. This is a discipline that Ana is interested in especially because of its immediacy, the chance of the results and because it's suitable to mix with other materials- and other mixed techniques.

She will show you her complete working process, both the analog and digital sides, which she usually uses to finish her compositions. Using a photograph as the starting point, she will teach you to immortalize expressive looks and melancholic gestures and add organic or imaginative motives to enrich your design and give it an original look.

About this course

You'll start by getting to know Ana Santos' work and her commercial projects, but above all, her personal work. Plus, she'll tell you how she got into the world of illustration and check out some of her influences.

Then you'll learn to create a mood board, which will help you to collect the visual inspiration for your projects. And, she'll also tell you the materials that you need to immerse yourself in the world of watercolor illustration.

Ana will teach and guide you through exercises related to the concepts of scale and proportion in drawing. You'll also learn basic watercolor techniques like wet on wet, dry on dry, gouache, etc.

To make your illustrated portrait in watercolor, you'll use a photograph as your starting point. Then, you'll trace and draw to apply the first layers of watercolor to it. You'll continue by applying new layers of paint to add volume.

Once the watercolor is dry, you'll use dry techniques like colored pencils, graphite, markers and more... Ana will give you some tips and tricks to highlight the important details with a hint of light.

You'll learn to use watercolors to create textures and you'll make organic motifs that will add a special touch and help you to enrich your illustrations. Ana also proposes choosing a co-star for your illustrated portrait, and she explains how to integrate it into your design.

Finally, you'll import all the elements to Photoshop, where you'll make the final composition and put on the finishing touches.

What is this course's project?

You'll make an illustrated portrait combining the analog watercolor process and digital methods, that you'll use to add the finishing touches.

Who is it for?

Artists, illustrators, designers and art lovers in general looking for new ways to create illustrated portraits combining mixed techniques.

What you need

You'll need a basic knowledge of Photoshop and knowledge of drawing would also be helpful, although it's not essential since you'll make your illustrated portrait from a photograph in this project.

Regarding the materials, for the analog part of the course, you'll need watercolor paper of different grammages, brushes of various sizes, watercolors, white paint, graphite, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners and an eraser. For the digital process, you'll use a computer, a scanner and working with a graphic tablet is also advisable.

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REBAJAS 78% Disc. US$ 44.90

Ana Santos

Ana Santos TeacherPro

Painter and illustrator

Drawing has been her passion since she was a child and she did not hesitate to enroll in the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she specialized in Drawing and Graphic Design. He has always felt a special weakness for the human figure, a preference that can be seen especially in his personal projects.

Working with traditional and digital techniques, he is a specialist in capturing expressive glances, strong attitudes, melancholy gestures in his illustrations, which have appeared in publications of major publishers such as Penguin Random House, Editorial Planeta and Roca Editorial.

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