5 Free Tutorials: Figure Drawing for Perfectionists

Learn how to accurately draw the human figure with the help of these experts

Figure drawing is the study of the structure, movement , anatomy and proportions of the human body. As an illustrator, it’s one of the disciplines that will give you the most satisfaction, both for its enormous creative possibilities and because you will be able to check your progress while practicing.

Check out these 5 free tutorials in which drawing experts share their secrets to drawing faces, hands and bodies with realism like a professional.

Illustration Tutorial: Basic Proportions of a Face

For you to draw portraits like an expert, the first step is to become familiar with the basic proportions and shapes of a face. In this tutorial, illustrator Carlos Rodríguez Casado (@carlosrodriguezcasado) gives you a basic guide to face composition.

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw Facial Details

A secret to adding realism to your illustrated portraits is knowing where to place face marks, such as wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, freckles, and moles. Visual artist José Rosero (@rosero) shows you his drawing techniques with these characteristics in the following tutorial.

Illustration Tutorial: 5 Basic Tips on How to Shade with Ink

In the drawing the shadows serve to give volume, perspective and a three-dimensional appearance. Once you have the drawing of a face, you can add shades with ink for the final finish. Learn about Sergio Bleda's advice (@sergibleda) to place light sources and shade according to their location.

Illustration Tutorial: 5 Steps to Draw Poses

If you are starting with figure drawing, you may have been presented with the difficulty of abstracting structures, a necessary step for your composition. In this tutorial, the illustrator José Luis Ágreda (@agreda) shows you the steps to draw different poses from real models or photographs.

Illustration Tutorial: How to Draw a Manga Face

To draw a character is to give life to a new universe, with their physical and psychological characteristics. As illustrator and educator Andrea Jen (@andrea_jen) will show us, the head and face are where this process begins.


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