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5 Free Tutorials to Spark Your Creativity

Learn techniques from different disciplines that will connect with your creative potential

Creativity is the result of many variables that not only have to do with specific tools or techniques, but with sensitivity, physical preparation and a sharp eye capable of turning your inspiration into real projects.

It does not matter your age, training, or if you are a professional or an amateur creative. If you are looking to get closer to your most sensitive side, overcome a creative block or develop skills that you know live inside you, these tutorials are for you.

Illustration Tutorial: How to Tackle the Blank Page

Illustrator Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) insists that you should never obsess over what the final image will look like and, instead, keep trying until you achieve something that feels fresh.

Here he shares three ways to unleash your creativity when you’re experiencing a creative block, let your pencil and mind soar free, and create something special.


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