Domestika Diary: Álex de Marcos

The illustrator Álex de Marcos opens the doors of his house/studio to tell us how he has lived the last few months

What happens when your house becomes your painting studio? That is exactly what has happened to illustrator Álex de Marcos (@alex_de_marcos), who, in analog or digital format, has worked for clients all over the world cultivating his particular style of oil painting.

During the last few months, Álex has had to combine work and home, but thanks to his motivating routine and the constant pursuit of his artistic goals, he has managed to keep productivity up. In the following Domestika Diaries, the illustrator opens the doors of his house to tell us about his routine, his career... and introduce us to his pet.

Álex de Marcos follows an established work routine that helps him to keep focus: he gets up early, checks his emails and starts working in front of the computer. Although he almost always creates his works digitally, imitating traditional techniques, he is also a master of oil painting, to which he resorts when necessary. The illustrator intersperses these two ways of working, taking into account the different times required by each of them.

Alex started drawing as a child and his first connection to art was through graffiti and urban art; since then, he has managed to exhibit his work all over the world, worked with major brands, and published several books with his art. Among other things, he is popular for his colorful reinterpretation of some of the greatest female figures in pop culture like Rosalía and Zendaya.

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