10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home

While some are still reluctant, it’s becoming more common every day for businesses to allow their employees to work from home

As a worker, it sounds great: you don’t have to get up hours in advance to get ready, you don’t lose hours in traffic jams, you don’t even have to shower! All that means you get to spend more time in bed. But all that glitters is not gold.. Adapting to the routine of working at home comes with its own inconveniences and it’s necessary to look for solutions that don’t leave you feeling caged in after hours indoors. This is why we wanted to share our top ten tips on how to be more productive when working from home.

10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home 1

1. Create a workspace

Make sure your mom, roommate, son, partner and even your dog know that your workspace is sacred and that, in the same way they wouldn’t turn up at your office because they're bored and want a chat, they shouldn’t interrupt you in that space while you work either.

2. Keep to a schedule

Although one big benefit of working from home is flexibility, it’s still important to follow some kind of routine. Otherwise, free time mixes with work time and it becomes impossible to tell one from the other, leaving you unable to really enjoy either.

10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home 3

3. Get dressed and eat breakfast

Obviously, there is no need to wear a shirt or heels (as long as you are not meeting clients), but working in pyjamas and with sleep still in your eyes significantly decreases productivity. You're still going to work, you’re just avoiding the transport costs and overcrowded subway.

4. Alter the sounds around you

Whether you believe it or not, the sounds around you can aid concentration or make it impossible. If you’re the type of person who can’t focus with music on, there are plenty of apps and websites that simulate the noise of a cafe, library or wherever you find it easiest to think.

10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home 5

5. Organize your table

It’s essential, whether you’re at home or not, that your work area is as clear and organized as possible. It is many times harder to bring order to your projects when the place they are done is a mess. Keep your desk clean and comfortable.

6. Get a good working chair

You’re going to spend a lot of time in it, trying to be productive. There might be a sofa nearby in which you feel like sitting and there are some uncomfy dining chairs but resist temptation and get yourself a good office chair, your back will thank you for it.

10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home 7

7. Light your space

It has been shown that people who work in a well-lit space, preferably with natural light, are more productive than those who work in places with poor lighting. The former rest better at night and a stress-free brain retains much more information than an exhausted one.

8. Take small breaks

It's not about lying on the couch or bed at the first sign of change, but about controlling the time spent sitting in the chair and establishing 10-minute periods for getting up, having a coffee or simply taking your eyes off the screen. The best thing is to rest a little bit every working hour.

10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home 9

9. Avoid distractions

The temptation to spend more time than necessary checking out social networks, reading interesting Wikipedia entries or watching the latest videos from your favorite YouTuber is greater when you know your boss won't sneak up behind on you. Working from home requires a lot of self-control in this regard.

10. Find alternative workplaces

Working outside of the office doesn’t mean you always have to be stuck in the house. If your circumstances allow it, especially if you live and work alone, find a relaxed cafe with WiFi in which you can work without too many distractions and save the jobs that need the least attention for these moments.

Do you also work from home? Have you ever used any of these tricks? If you have any advice that could be useful to others in the same situation, please do share it with us.

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