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Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman

We caught up with the American digital artist who has a passion for finding poetry using technology

Art = non-stop investigation. This is one of Zach Lieberman’s mantras. The creative and educator has spent the last twenty years playing with code to create new interactive experiences; and experimenting with animation, 3D, and tools for creative collaboration. Known for such projects as his Daily Sketches or the open source tool openFrameworks, Lieberman invited us into his New York studio. Join us and watch the video here:

What is an artist?

For Lieberman, artists make up humanity’s R+D+I department: they are people who, through their work, propose new solutions that advance human progress. Contemplating possible futures is part of Lieberman's job, one which is so advanced that not even the creative himself is sure how to define what he does: animator, investigator, magician…

Lieberman admits that, although he always liked animation, it wasn’t until he discovered how to animate using code–creating formulas that facilitated his work–that he threw himself into studying its possibilities. With his Daily Sketches–short animations that he shares on Instagram–the artist began to receive constant feedback from his followers, which helped him to keep getting better and explore new horizons.

Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman 3
Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman 4

Sharing is living

“The more people share, the easier it is to start,” says Lieberman. Finding connections not only between numbers and codes but also between human beings is one of the artist’s obsessions. He is a staunch defender of free software and open source culture. Beyond technology, Lieberman wants his pieces to move and excite, for them to make us reflect on the human condition–the shared objective of the greatest artists in history, one which this creative has updated for our hyperconnected world.

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Domestika Creatives: Zach Lieberman 7

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