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10 designers and 3D artists you should know

We asked the Domestika community in Instagram who are their favorite 3D designers

We asked our community who were their favorite 3D artists and designers. Here are the character creators, VFX specialists, animators, surreal artists and even toy designers that we all admire.

Mikefly (@mikefly)

Popular cultural references, TV characters and carefully modeled objects abound in Mikefly's work. Senior Designer at the Mexican creative studio La Sociedad, his personal style exudes charm and playfulness in equal parts.

10 designers and 3D artists you should know 1

Zigor Samaniego (@Zigor)

Zigor is a 3D illustrator, specialized in three-dimensional design of both characters and lettering. You have probably seen his work on the Internet, especially some of his series 'Amigos': colorful, fun and adorable creatures that he creates for fun and have a huge following.

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Zigor Samaniego

Grand Chamaco

The identity of one of the most talented 3D illustrators is hidden behind a curious mask. Originally from Mexico, Chamaco's work is characterized by the the use of different 3D design tools for the creation of his characters and a a lot of experimentation with shapes, colors and textures. He is an honorary member of Pictoplasma, and a regular contributor to Adobe, Nike and Nickelodeon.
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Grand Chamaco

Aarón Martínez (@aaronmartnz)

The work of this Mexican Illustrator merges several disciplines such as vector design, 3D modeling, animation and even some industrial processes, which he combines with a colorful and unique style. He is a specialist in character creation, materials and lighting with Cinema 4D and OctaneRender.
10 designers and 3D artists you should know 7
Aarón Martínez


For more than two decades Boldtron has been working as an Illustrator and art director all over the world. He is now the Creative Director for PZZZA, his own studio in Barcelona, and a very well known artist thanks to "Fantasaraxia", a series of digital artwork where Boldtron combines an organic aesthetic with colorful shapes and designs using 3D tools.

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Maxim Shkret

Mixing a unique method of 3D modeling with carefully placed lighting, Moscow-based illustrator Maxim Shkret creates digital characters that are almost paper-like sculptures, frequently inspired in the animal kingdom.
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Maxim Shkret


There's nothing religious going on here. Buigues Dalmiro and Dasoy Martin simply combined their first initials to create a studio devoted to what they love: telling animated stories. Their work includes ads and short films for brands such as Nike, Google, Aeromexico, Mondo or Disney Channel, among others.

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Kawaii, the Japanese word for "cute", defines Adrian García Treviño's style perfectly. A graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico, his work frequently draws inspiration from popular characters and movies, but modeled in a colorful, cheerful and unique aesthetic that thousands of followers love.
10 designers and 3D artists you should know 15
Adrian García Treviño

Daniel Bel (daniel._.bel)

You'll have to look twice at Daniel Bel's digital sculptures to make sure they are not real. This Argentinian CG artist creates the amazingly detailed superhero models that Sideshow Collectibles transforms later into coveted figures. His attention to detail and deep knowledge of the human anatomy pays off in each of his designs.

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Daniel Bel

Gabriel Soares (gabriel.soareszz)

Brazilian conceptual artist and 3D modeler, Soares is a well rounded artist that also loves oil painting, acrylic and watercolor. In 2018 he joined the SPA Studios for the production of Klaus, an animation masterpiece thanks to the use of new shadowing techniques.
10 designers and 3D artists you should know 19
Gabriel Soares

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