Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Get to know these five apps that will make your Instagram posts pop

A few days ago, we shared 5 apps for recording and editing videos on your phone, now it's time for photos.

Whether you want to improve your Instagram content, get into professional photography with your smartphone camera or just improve your digital photo album, these apps will help you capture and edit incredible photos.

Ortho - Perspective Camera

Imagine finding yourself walking through the street as the sun sets. You get your smartphone and aim up to take a photo of the horizon but you can’t find a good angle. The vertical lines seem to converge, the upper parts of buildings are cropped. It’s chaos. This app corrects your perspective automatically, in real time. It also lets you add a grid to help with composition, choose from multiple aspect ratios, and use angle, level, and histogram displays.

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Moment Pro Camera

Moment, the high-end smartphone camera lens makers, launched this app to give complete manual control to give you that DSLR shooting experience. Available for iOS and Android, the app helps you manage exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, as well as including gestures to control focus and light. It also works with video and with the lenses and covers of the brand.

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RNI Films

RNI are dedicated to bringing the characteristics of analog film to your phone through digitization of slides and analog negatives. They’ve created plug-ins for Lightroom and Capture One, but they also have their own app, perfect for lovers of analog film, with filters of film divided into categories that include negative, slide, instantaneous, black and white, and vintage. RNI’s app also includes tools to adjust brightness, color, and contrast and also supports RAW.

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Hypocam is a project focused on the individual and their life in a digital and interconnected world. The Italian company developed what has now become the favored app for many for taking black and white photos. With over 2 million downloads in the App Store and Google Play, Hypocam is the perfect app to start your monochrome photography.

You can capture live, edit with tools created for B+W photography, be inspired by the collections of other photographers and share your own directly through the app.

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Lightroom Mobile

If you’re looking for a great app to capture in RAW with a robust editor and a quick and easy to use interface, look no further. The stand out feature is that it allows you to shoot in RAW and save the image without compressing it to obtain the best quality. And unlike other photo editing tools, it allows you to edit with curves and its contrast, retouch light values using the histogram display, play with white balance and correct perspectives simply.

It is also backed up by a great image organizing system and includes small tutorials that can help you control the app and be more effective from taking the shot to publishing the finished photo.

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What applications would you add to the list?


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