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10 Tips for Generating Successful Digital Content in a Saturated Market

These tips will help your content stand out among the myriad of options the internet offers

Given how saturated the market for content is, it is complicated–although not impossible–to stand out on social networks. Lucas García (@lucasgarcia) is a specialist in this field. Director and founder of Social Mood agency, he is an expert in communication and branding and helps brands connect with their audiences through digital content.

Under the magnifying glass of traditional marketing skepticism and with the clear objective of capturing the attention of users, Lucas shares with Domestika some key tips to create content and stand out from the crowd.

10 Tips for Generating Successful Digital Content in a Saturated Market 1
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How to create successful digital content today

1. Identify and define the best content strategy for your brand. For this, you must ask yourself, what is your value proposition? How often do you want to publish content? What are the keywords that your target usually searches for? What kind of content do you want to create to help your user? And what social networks will you use to distribute your content?

2. Understand the user and what they are looking for. Your goal when creating content should always be to help and be useful. Providing solutions to user problems will make your content much more relevant.

3. Remember: useful content is contextual. That is, if the user searches for a question, the content you offer must contain the answer.

4. Relate the user's intention to the content. This will help Google generate a "match" and almost no friction between your content and the user's interest.

5. Always keep in mind the image and area of expertise of ​​your company or brand because, no matter what, content should be related to it. This is the content for which you will become relevant and legitimate.

6. Aim to generate extra quality content or, in other words, activation content. Not all your content will fall in this category but it is necessary to help you reach audiences that you won't get otherwise.

7. Form and substance are equally important. You must understand that in a market as saturated as digital content is today, you can not make content that brings much value if you don't care about the way it’s presented.

8. People connect to learn things, to entertain themselves and to socialize. These variables are key to creating engaging content and reaching your target audience.

9. You must be clear about your intention with the content: entertain, inspire, educate or convince.

10. You will start connecting to your audience when they do what you want after engaging with your content. If we make content for users and they leave, he or she is not connecting. It is important for the user to take another action.

10 Tips for Generating Successful Digital Content in a Saturated Market 3

Lucas García teaches the course 'Inbound Marketing Basic Concepts' in Domestika, the best option to learn the methodology that allows you to develop a content strategy, giving importance to your consumer, offering value even knowing that you may not buy the product or service we offer.

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