5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots

Available for a limited time only, these classes will teach you make-up techniques for a photo series

Make-up often plays a fundamental role in the creation of a photograph. Whether you’re working on a self-portrait, artistic photo series, or fashion shoot, the right look can save hours of post-production work.

We recommend that everyone working both in front of the camera and behind it learn the basics of working with make-up so that they can efficiently solve any problems that might arise on set.

These five free classes will guide you in what you need to know, whatever your studio role.

Free Class: Make-up for Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography

In this class, from the Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography course, photographer Krishna VR shares some simple tips for doing one’s own make-up. The expert explains how she has learned different techniques online. In this lesson, she advises how to match skin color and avoid a lengthy post-production process.

5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 1
Make-up for Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography

Free Class: Preparing the session: locations, props and styling

As photographers, once we are clear about what we want to say and have sketched out our ideas, it is important to determine what we need to start developing our photo series. At this point, we have to plan the different elements of the shoot and see how each of them works within the narrative series. Styling is an important part of the process, which Dara Scully sheds more light on in this class from her course, Introduction to Narrative Photography.

5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 3
Styling sketch

Free Class: Make-up for Artistic Self-Portrait Photography

In this class, photographer Cristina Otero gives advice on applying one’s own make-up and the homemade materials you can use that look great on camera. While Cristina explains that she is not a professional make-up artist, she shares techniques that can speed up your post-production process and lighten your workload. Learn more in her Artistic Self-Portrait Photography course.

5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 5
Make-up for Artistic Self-Portrait Photography

Free Class: Styling, makeup, and hair

Make-up is one of many important aesthetic decisions we make during the production process of a fashion campaign. To art direct a project, it is important to learn some basic techniques. In the Art Direction for Fashion Photography course, the creative director of Park Creative Studio reveals how to find resources and references to bring our ideas to life.

5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 7
Styling, makeup, and hair

Free Class: Make-up and styling

Photographer Marcela Cerbón considers styling a key element in her photographs. While in her course, Photograph Portrait for Beginners, she recommends working with a make-up artist, she also explains how you can create looks yourself. In this class, she lists the items every beauty kit needs when working with a model.

5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 9
Make-up and styling
5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots 10

These classes will be available until January 4th 2021. If you want to access them after this date, sign up to the courses that they’ve been extracted from.

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