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The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement

A course by Pepe Gimeno
Designer, typographer and plastic artist.. Valencia, Spain.
Joined October 2014
, Designer, typographer and plastic artist.

Learn to compose, balance and give movement to a piece by achieving expressivity

  • Best Seller Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% Positive reviews (1.1K)
  • 17105 students

Learn to compose, balance and give movement to a piece by achieving expressivity

Spanish with subtitles in English
  • 98% Positive reviews (1.1K)
  • 17105 students
  • Online and at your own pace
  • Audio: Spanish
  • Level: Beginner
  • 16 Lessons (3h 10m)
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Pepe Gimeno -Designer, Typographer, Illustrator, Photographer and Plastic Artist- will teach you to understand the laws of visual perception and apply them correctly to achieve maximum expressiveness in all your projects.

For this he will show you a series of works that he has elaborated from waste materials. An interesting proposal that, conceptually and formally, is between the experimental graphic and the artistic work.

This course aims to take advantage of the limitations posed by some assignments, making the handicaps the creative engine in the search for solutions and graphic proposals.

The knowledge that you will acquire in this course you will be able to apply in disciplines as diverse as, for example, the composition of a poster or an illustration, the creation of the layout of the pages of a book, the distribution of the different elements of the facade of a building, the construction of a typographic character or the design of any object.

About this course

Course table of contents

  • U1
    U1. Introduction
  • U2
    U2. My experiences with waste materials
  • U3
    U3. The method
  • U4
    U4. Exercises
  • FP
    FP Final Project
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You will begin by getting to know Pepe Gimeno's work better and how he became interested in waste materials and his experience in the development of different projects.

It will show you the enormous potential of these elements as artistic material, the great poetic load that they contain and their capacity to transmit emotions.

Then you will enter Pepe Gimeno's work method through different creation processes. You will learn to see the objects with another look and to take full advantage of the limitations imposed by the immovable size and the rigidity of their shapes and colors.

Then, through a series of exercises, you will know the four basic laws of visual perception: compose creating a unit with the different elements, categorize the weight of each of them, visually provide rest or internal energy to the work and finally , take advantage of the energy obtained with the imbalance to achieve movement.

The objective of these exercises is to serve as a didactic model to apply the laws to different disciplines and circumstances.

What is this course's project?

The final project will be integrated by the four basic exercises seen in the course applying all the acquired knowledge. The support on which to work (poster, illustration, editorial design, sculpture, typography ...) will be free.

Projects by course students

Who is it for?

To designers, architects, illustrators, photographers, artists or anyone interested in the creative process of Pepe Gimeno.

What you need

From the personal point of view, it is necessary to have sensitivity, capacity for analysis and eagerness to know the why and the how of the visual processes.

As for the materials, all kinds of waste materials that are suggestive will be needed, as well as a rigid cardboard support, canvas on a frame or wooden board to place the pieces, and white glue to fix them.


17105 Students
1071 Reviews
98% Positive ratings
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Pepe Gimeno

A course by Pepe Gimeno

Designer, typographer and plastic artist.

Pepe Gimeno throughout his career has developed projects in the fields of graphic design, typography and plastic arts.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards and prizes. He has received the TDC Communication Design Award from the Type Directors Club of New York six times, as well as three ISTD certificates from the United Kingdom, the Golden and the Platinum Award from Graphis Poster among others.

His work has been collected in numerous international publications and has been part of exhibitions that have toured Europe, Japan, the United States, China and South America.

He has worked for The Presidency of the Government of Spain, Roca Sanitario and FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

In Valencia, his hometown, he has made some of its most emblematic brands such as the Les Corts Valencianes, the Valencia Metro, the EMT brand or the Palm of the Valencian Community.

Apart from his professional activity. since 2002 he has been developing and expanding his speech with new formal proposals on waste materials. His work is reflected in projects such as Diario de un Náufrago, The green bag or Grafía Callada, exhibited at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, IVAM, in 2004 and in New York, at the headquarters of the Type Directors Club in 2015.


  • U1


    • Professional profile
    • A profession between disciplines
    • Personal projects
  • U2

    My experiences with waste materials

    • First experiences
    • Silent spelling
    • Diary of a castaway
    • The green bag
  • U3

    The method

    • Preamble / Objectives
    • Working method and the laws of visual perception
    • Inspiration sources
  • U4


    • Organize / Unit 1
    • Organize / Unit 2
    • Categorize / Weight
    • Express / Balance
    • Guide / Movement 1
    • Guide / Movement 2
  • FP

    Final Project

    • The laws of visual perception: unity, weight, balance and movement

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The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement. A Design course by Pepe Gimeno Best Seller

The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement

A course by Pepe Gimeno
Designer, typographer and plastic artist.. Valencia, Spain.
Joined October 2014
  • 98% Positive reviews (1.1K)
  • 17105 students