7 Online Courses for Learning How to Illustrate in Photoshop

Unleash Adobe Photoshop’s full potential and start illustrating your ideas digitally

Digital illustration gained popularity in the early 1980s, thanks to the birth of Adobe and its range of software. Since then, it has greatly evolved and built up a huge following, becoming one of the most widely used and most popular artistic mediums of our time.

To ensure you don’t get left behind, we’ve curated a list of Domestika courses on digital illustration. Taught by top professionals, they will guide you as you master new techniques and get to grips with different programs so you can produce one-of-a-kind digital artworks.

Digital illustrator Alex de Marcos García teaches how to hone your technique into your personal brand.

Adobe Photoshop for Illustration, a course by Gemma Román

In this six-part Domestika Basics, Mexican illustrator Gemma Román (@gemmaroman) will teach you to use the different illustration tools that Photoshop offers. You will also become acquainted with different artistic terms, learn to edit simple illustrations, and create your own resources.

Lighting and Color for Digital Portraits in Photoshop, a course by Karmen Loh

Karmen Loh (@Bearbrickjia) has mastered the art of capturing dream-like hues and halos in her portraits using Photoshop. In this course, she will teach you how to tell a story through color and light to visually enrich your digital artwork.

You'll look at light and color in film and art to analyze how mood and emotion are created. You will then explore different lighting techniques for portraits to help you understand the purpose of each.

Stylized Vector Illustration with Color and Character, a course by Owen Davey

Illustrator Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws) draws inspiration from the natural world to create original, fun, and unforgettable works of art. In this course, he will teach you how to create a digital illustration from start to finish using Adobe Photoshop.

You will discover different methods for developing your own illustration style, from researching and sketching to choosing a style and promoting your work on social media.

Digital Illustration with Manga Influence, a course by Akimaro

In this course, Akimaro (@akimaroaro) will introduce you to the world of manga and show you how to create digital illustrations inspired by the popular aesthetic. You will learn about the narrative and visual characteristics of the illustration style so that you can transmit complex ideas through simple drawings.

By the end, you'll be able to use your new skills to create powerful scenes and characters that transmit strong emotions.

Pictorial Portraits Using Digital Techniques, a course by Alex de Marcos García

Learn how to use Photoshop to create illustrations using pixels as brushstrokes with illustrator Alex de Marcos García (@alex_de_marcos). In this course, Alex will teach you how to create a digital illustration in Adobe Photoshop with a raw and organic finish.

You will learn how to use color, create unique backdrops, and add texture to your composition so that you can turn your technique into your personal brand.

Flat Illustration with Photoshop, a course by Willian Santiago

How would you combine vibrant colors, organic brushstrokes, simple shapes, and natural textures in a natural way to create a digital illustration? In this course, illustrator Willian Santiago (@williansantiagodg) will teach you how to do exactly that.

You will learn how to create a flat illustration in Adobe Photoshop using brushes that mimic manual techniques such as colored pencils, chalk, and watercolors. William will also show you how to use each brush and explore different textures. You will also be able to apply the different components of your composition to mock-ups.

Digital Painting for Characters: Color and Light, a course by Joel Santana

In this course, character designer Joel Santana (@themaddhattr) will teach you how to inject life into your character sketches using color and light in Photoshop. He will also guide you through his creative process, from scanning his illustrations to printing the final results.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to make the most of Adobe Photoshop's features to create characters full of personality and charm.

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