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8 Online Courses to Help You Renovate and Redecorate Your Home

Learn from expert interior designers how to redecorate your living spaces using handy tips and resources

Makeover plans are usually based on a very successful concept: “the before and after.” In interior renovation, we are presented with a space in need of an update and we share the final result.

Changes in the color of the walls or in the layout, a different set of furniture and lighting, can all contribute to making the homeowners feel their best in their home.

The founders of Himera Estudio believe each home has a story to tell. Which is your home’s story?

The aim of interior renovations is to make the most of a space. Although you can always rely on the expertise of a professional, you can also become one. In this case, you will need to learn independently and explore materials, lighting, and decor styles. It won’t be sufficient to simply go with the flow or follow trends.

If you are unsure where to begin, the following eight basic courses taught by experts in the field will help you specialize in interior renovation. Also, first of all, familiarize yourself with the features and functions of this creative tool used by professionals.

What is and how to create a mood board for interior design

As for any type of creative project, a mood board serves as a reference for the aesthetic we want to follow, and to help us play with different combinations of textures and materials to work with.
Putting your ideas down in this resource will help you define the direction of your project, both personal or for a client.

According to Karla Chávez and Paula Vecco, founders of DecoStudio (@decostudio), a mood board helps to transmit the essence, concept, and style of your design proposal. It is the starting point for organising ideas. Creating a mood board can be a complex process, so read the linked article where they explain all you need to know for making a mood board.

8 Online Courses to Help You Renovate and Redecorate Your Home 3
Nook Architects.

8 Courses to Help You Renovate and Redecorate Your Home

The following selection shows you various options to specialize in this creative area, and the experts that will turn into your own teachers. Learning with them will be an inspiring experience, as they guide you through concepts and techniques, as well as share their own projects for your reference.

If you want to know more about each course, be sure to click on the red titles.

Color Applied to Interior Design, a course by Miriam Alía

Color psychology is a fundamental aspect in Miriam‘s designs, bringing light and joy to the space she works on. But above all, it’s the passion that she puts into her interiors that shines through her work. In her course, she’ll guide you through her method.

Recognized for her work in editorials such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Interiores, and many more, Miriam will show you how to organize your ideas and harmonize a space through bold use of color. When you complete the course, you will be able to put together color and space and awaken emotions in your projects.

Decorating Your Home on a Budget: Basic Concepts, a course by Sofía Saraví O’Keefe

Every object in our homes, whether large or small, influences our mood and well-being. By applying some basic decorating skills to your home, you can achieve a space that makes you happier. Sofía Saraví O'Keefe—better known on Instagram as @decolookbook—is dedicated to generating content on interior design in her profile, in which she has more than 300 thousand followers.

In this course, you’ll get introduced to the world of decoration with Sofía and have your home the way you’ve always dreamed of. Analyze what you already have at home and see what you can change, learn the basic concepts, and add your personal touch.

Materials for Interior Design, a course by Masquespacio

With interior design, you can do more than just change the physical appearance of a space—you can give it a life of its own. Ana Hernández, creative director of the interior design studio Masquespacio, helps you create spaces with a unique personality.

In this course, you’ll learn how to choose and combine the perfect materials for your interior design projects. You will use colors and textures to express the idea behind your project and transform any space into an unforgettable experience. Ana will also give you some tips to present the mood board to your clients. Finally, you’ll discover the latest and forthcoming trends in interior design.

Interior Design from Start to Finish, a course by Nook Architects

For the partners at Nook Architects studio in Barcelona, transmitting the essence of a space in an alluring and functional way greatly depends on the elaboration of a good project that takes the smallest details into account and prepares for the unexpected.

In this course, you’ll be able to develop a project step by step, from the first contact with the client and space, to the detailed preparation of the final project, to carrying it to its completion. You’ll learn how measurements and proportions work, and establish the criteria needed when selecting materials, lighting, colors, and textures, to find the best result.

Interior Design for Beginners, a course by STUDIOLAV

What if you could drastically improve someone’s mood, creativity, performance, and general well-being? That’s what Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, founders of STUDIOLAV, aim to accomplish through interior design. Specializing in the fields of interior and product design, STUDIOLAV focuses on creating a meaningful emotional connection between people, objects, and their environment.

This course is a creative journey into the life of an interior designer. Get an introduction to what the job entails and explore the essential concepts and tools for implementing an exciting idea into a physical space. Once you get to know the key elements of an interior design project, you will then focus on the details.

Design and Renovation of Interiors, a course by Allaround Lab

Combining functionality, beauty, and simplicity in the rehabilitation of homes and other spaces is what guides the work of Noelia de la Red, founding partner of Allaround Lab studio. By focusing on people as the central element of their projects, the studio has received several awards, including a Mostra d’Arquitectura Catalana award in 2019.

In this course, you will learn to design and create your own interior remodeling project step by step. Under Noelia's guidance, you will discover how to transform any space to achieve a transversal look that preserves its original essence while providing simple and modern solutions. You will also have the opportunity to explore important and current themes, such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Home Design and Reform, a course by Himera Estudio

If your house could speak, what story would it tell? Ana Campos and Edgar Esteban, founders of the architecture and interior design studio Himera Estudio, shape a house's narrative by creating spaces that truly speak to its inhabitants.

In this course, you will learn how to design your very own renovation, from general concepts down to the finishing touches. You will be able to create the space you've always dreamed of with a harmonious and timeless design. Start by defining the layout for adapting and redistributing your space. Later, choose the floor, wall, and ceiling materials and decide which finishes go best in each area.

Lighting Design for Interior Spaces, a course by Mónica Vega

Is it possible to generate emotions and communicate ideas with light alone? The answer from Mónica Vega, architectural lighting designer and founder of LumLum studio, is a resounding yes. Together with her, make light your main working tool and be able to create a memorable language.

In this course, Mónica will teach you to use light as a design medium with basic techniques to illuminate interior spaces. When you finish, you will know how to conceptualize and design light atmospheres to generate user experiences, as well as the best way to present your projects to your team or clients.

If you’re passionate about interior design you may want to turn it into your profession. In which case, you’ll have to learn to successfully share your portfolio on social media to promote your work online.

Interior Design Tutorial: How to Promote Your Portfolio Online

Patricia Bustos (@patriciabustos_studio) has over 15 years’ interior design experience. In this tutorial, she teaches you 6 effective and innovative strategies to promote your portfolio and prove your talent. Don’t miss her interior design tutorial and all the tips for achieving a successful portfolio included in this article.

Don’t miss her tips in the following video!

Do you wish to learn to renovate spaces for your own personal goals, or to start working with clients?
Whichever your objective, these online interior design courses will surely give you all the necessary keys to start out in this world.

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