10 Online Courses For Getting Creative with Botany

Explore the creative possibilities of botany with our experts in illustration, embroidery, and flower pressing

Botany has always provided artists with endless inspiration. Whatever your discipline of choice, capturing the beauty of nature is one of the greatest creative challenges you can set yourself. If you like to observe nature’s textures, colors, and shapes, let them inspire you to start creating with your hands.

In the following list, you will discover ten online botany courses for beginners exploring illustration techniques, embroidery, and printing on paper or textiles. If you like drawing, you will also find a sketchbook course. For those looking to go a step further, you can even try your hand at designing flower and plant-inspired tattoos.

Basic Botanical Pressing Techniques, a course by Happy Green Family

Would you like to create unique botanical compositions with flowers? In this course, Camila will introduce you to the world of herbaria and teach you about the history of this practice. You will then learn how to collect and preserve plants and try out different pressing techniques to create a page separator or a picture. The founder of Happy Green Family–a botanical laboratory focused on creativity–will encourage you to embrace her passion for plants and what you can do with them.

Botanic Animal House: Watercolour, Ink and Graphite, a course by Violeta Hernández

Illustrator and designer Violeta Hernández will share her secrets for using traditional techniques such as watercolor, ink, or pencil. Once you’ve mastered them, she will explain how to draw a female figure and show you the best way to refine lines and obtain the desired result. Violeta’s work often features women who are usually accompanied by exotic flora and fauna. The aim of the course is for you to create your own illustrated botanical animal house.

Design and Creation of Botanical Compositions, a course by Compañía Botánica

Cacti and succulents are very versatile when it comes to creating designs, and they can adapt to almost any environment. In this course, Meena and Ceci will share tips on using these plants to create pictures that are overflowing with life. The founders of Compañía Botánica will shed light on their processes and give advice on how to keep your creation healthy and resplendent. If you’re passionate about plants and design, this course is for you.

Introduction to Botanical Embroidery, a course by Coricrafts

Layla Ortiz is both a scientist and a botanical embroidery artist. Her passion for her craft led her to found the CoriCrafts studio. She will guide you through learning versatile techniques such as satin stitch, which you will use to embroider different types of plants. You will then go on to create more complex compositions full of texture and color. This meditative practice is sure to help you disconnect.

Botanical Tattoo with Pointillism, a course by Polilla Tattoo

Chilean tattoo artist Polilla Tattoo started out by teaching herself to tattoo, but she soon discovered the importance of learning from experts. Since her humble beginnings, she has built up a big following and worked with major brands. For those looking to get started in the world of tattooing, Polilla will teach you the basics of human anatomy, developing your own tattoo design, and how to apply your designs to skin. Polilla will guide you in tattooing flowers and plants using her own techniques.

Botanical Printing on Fabric and Paper, a course by Anabel Torres

Transfer nature’s textures and colors to your clothes. In this course, fashion designer and textile artist Anabel Torres will introduce you to her handmade and sustainable eco-printing technique. This is the philosophy behind Antesis, Anabel’s brand. Learn how to extract nature’s textures and colors to then print them using different fixers to obtain different effects. By the end of the course, you will decorate one of your favorite pieces of clothing with patterns of flowers and plants.

Botanical Sketchbooking: A Meditative Approach, a course by Lapin

Drawing is a great way to slow down and connect with nature. If you’re not sure how to get started, Lapin is here to guide you through meditative illustration. The first step is to observe organic shapes and look at nature from a new perspective. Only then will you be able to create beautiful botanical compositions that capture its essence. Sketching consists of drawing everything that surrounds you in your sketchbook or notebook, which will become your most trusted companion.

Botanical Illustration with Watercolors, a course by Paulina Maciel

In this course, watercolor enthusiast Paulina Maciel will share her process for creating botanical illustrations by observing real flowers and plants. This illustrator and designer has always been inspired by nature. You will also discover how to digitize and retouch your work and apply it to any product. You don’t need to be experienced in using watercolor; her introductory exercises will make you feel comfortable working with your brush.

Vibrant Floral Patterns with Watercolors, a course by Anna Lau

In this course, you will immerse yourself in a universe of colors while learning how to create floral motifs. Anna Lau will show you basic watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet and will help you create a color palette to fit the emotion you want to convey. This watercolor artist will also teach you how to digitize your illustration and apply it to various products, such as phone cases, stationery, and much more.

Botanical Watercolor: Illustrate the Anatomy of Flowers, a course by Luli Reis

In this course, visual artist and illustrator Luli Reis will teach you how to create a botanical chart that will feature an illustration created by you. You will first learn about watercolor techniques and materials. You will then study the anatomy and geometry of the natural world and discover the importance of color. Finally, you will paint an illustration that you will later transfer to your botanical chart. Luli will take you on a journey through the unique shapes, colors, and textures of plants and flowers.

Learn how to draw inspiration from nature so you can develop your own creative project with these courses in botanical illustration, textile printing, embroidery and tattooing.

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