Challenge: Painting Ceramics While Blindfolded

We asked ceramic artist Sandra Apperloo to paint fun faces to apply onto her ceramic creations while blindfolded

Sandra Apperloo is a ceramist who has not only found great joy in the craft, but also made it her full-time profession. Her brand, known as The Pottery Parade, is filled with quirky faces and pastel hues, has over 100K followers on Instagram, and has been featured in magazines like This is Colossal, ArtPeople, and more.

In this Domestika Challenge, she takes on the task of painting while blindfolded. Will she be able to do it?

Find out in this video.

Love this video? You can learn with Sandra Apperloo how to sculpt and decorate a vase with personality using original techniques in her online course 'Creating Ceramics With Character'.

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