Top 5 Free Tutorials to Unblock Your Creativity

Creatives from a range of disciplines share their best tutorials for unblocking your creativity

Creative block is a problem all artists face. The blank page is intimidating and puts a break on your creativity, which is why it’s important to lose your fear and carry on practicing to allow your creative projects to see the light of day.

We gathered together the best 5 free tutorials to help you. These practical drawing, watercolor and design exercises are for illustrators, writers, designers... anyone facing this common issue.

Dive into these problem-solving videos!

1. Watercolor Tutorial: How to Unblock Your Creativity

Alinailustra (@alinailustra), is an illustrator and graphic designer. She shares her key technique to unblock your creativity: turning watercolor splashes into all kinds of characters and scenes!

2. Illustration Tutorial: 3 Warm Up Exercises

The best way to face a blank page is to jump in and start practicing. With these three exercises, Puño (@puno) shows you how to warm up your hand so you can begin drawing without fear.

3. Illustration Tutorial: How to Tackle the Blank Page

Illustrator Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) shares three ways to enhance your creativity using practical and original exercises.

4. Design Tutorial: How to Overcome a Creative Block

When you spend your working day drawing, you may run into times when you feel short on inspiration or you simply can’t find a way to create something new and original. Cecy Meade is a 2D and 3D designer (@cecymeade). She shares her top tips for tapping into your creativity.

5. Creativity Tutorial: How to Beat Creative Block

Winner of Spain’s 2019 National Design Award: Silvia Fernández Palomar (@silviaferpal2), shares a series of simple techniques to overcome creative block and allow your projects to take shape. Learn how to nail your ideas and bring them to life.


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