Challenge: Crochet With Your Eyes Closed

Interdisciplinary crochet artist and Poetryarn founder, Ángela Cayero, faces the Domestika Challenge: crocheting with her eyes closed!

Angela Cayero is the woman behind @poetryarn, whose mission is to create daring patterns using tapestry crochet.

Poetryarn believes crochet is a form of expression, just like painting, architecture, sculpture, design or photography. Over time, she has created her own language, and even published a book that explains her particular way of understanding her favorite artform: Crochet + Attitude. Original pattern. Explosive pattern.

Domestika wanted to take things a step further and push Poetryarn out of her crochet comfort zone. So we set her a Challenge: crochet with your eyes closed! She chose a striped pattern to create blindfold, from start to finish.

Will she succeed? Find out in this video:

Like this Challenge? Would you be capable of crocheting with your eyes closed? If you’re interested in learning how to create crocheted tapestry textiles and understanding the keys to creating your own fashion accessories, don’t miss her online tutorial: Circular Tapestry: Design Patterns and Accessories.

Challenge: Crochet With Your Eyes Closed 4

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