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5 Free Apps for Recording and Editing Video

Discover five video editing apps that will improve your way of working

Recording or editing video on cell phones allows you to film and share whatever you want, at any time of day, transforming short clips into cinematic masterpieces. You no longer need sophisticated equipment to start generating great content, just a phone camera with a decent app.

In this post, we share five free apps that will help you capture and edit beautiful videos.

ProMovie Recorder

This iOS application allows you to record high-quality videos in 4K resolution (or 3K and upwards on older phones). It has various functions for controlling exposure, focus, frame rate, color temperature, white balance, and other recording settings. It also has an automatic mode if you’d prefer to start recording straight away.


This app won the award for ‘best mobile camera application’ at the Webby Awards. Splice is simple but powerful, making it easy to create videos from an iPhone or iPad. With a few taps, you can trim clips, adjust transitions, add effects, export your video, and share it at 1080p. It features free fonts, music, and sound effects. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate. No matter how much experience you have working in video, Splice will permit you to create professional-looking content in no time.

Vue Vlog

This app, ideal for capturing and editing vlogs, is available for both iOS and Android. Record one to four clips lasting up to six seconds so that you can later make some quick edits. It also includes essential features for digital stabilization that will make your clips look more cinematic. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, and temperature. This app is ideal for making your Instagram stories look more professional.

VHS Camcorder

Are you feeling nostalgic for old-school technology? Well, this app will turn your cell phone into a 1984 VHS video camera. VHS Camcorder allows you to create videos that look and sound like VHS recordings; it adds static distortion, noise, and a date and time stamp–it mimics the zoom of an old-fashioned lens. It’s available for iOS and Android. The iPhone version allows you to record at 24, 25, or 30 fps.


Available for iOS, this app has been described by users as "the VSCO for video" because of its film-like color correction filters. It has an advanced image processing engine that loads video as a "digital negative" so that exposure, contrast, saturation, vibration, hue, temperature, shadows, highlights, and sharpness can be manipulated. It has a wide variety of filters and layers, plus a real-time preview, which comes in very useful before you export.

What other apps would you add to the list?

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