7 Masters of Graphic Design Share Their Industry-insider Secrets

Get to know these legendary international graphic designers and discover their industry-insider secrets

Just like any other creative discipline, the key to graphic design is practice. Listening to and learning from the best of the best will help you to perfect your daily output.

These 10 graphic designers from our Domestika Masters series share their experiences to help you develop your own library of references and reflect on the role of a graphic designer.

Domestika Masters: Milton Glaser

Not many designers have been able to say that they have produced several works that are considered iconic all over the world. However, US designer Milton Glaser (1929-2020) was one of them. Founder of New York Magazine and creator of the I ❤ NY logotype–to give just a couple of examples–Glaser was a gamechanger in the history of design.

Domestika Masters: Chip Kidd

It’s almost impossible that there’s not at least one book on your shelf that was designed by Chip Kidd. He has worked on over 3000 book covers across all genres, styles, and authors, from Cormac McCarthy to Haruki Murakami. His images have illustrated stories for more than three decades. He welcomed us into his studio in New York and shared his thoughts, looking back on his career.

Domestika Masters: Paula Scher

Her talent has shaped the visual identities of some of the most important brands on the planet, such as the Windows 8 logo, MoMa, and the New York Public Theater. Paula Scher is one of the most influential designers of recent decades and the first woman to become a partner of the legendary design agency, Pentagram. We spoke to her about her extraordinary career and some of the most stand-out projects she’s worked on, as well as her search for perfection in every job.

Domestika Masters: Tom Geismar

Tom Geismar is the founder of the influential agency Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. He also created the visual identities of some of the most well-known brands in the world, including Mobil, Xerox, and PBS. Without him, design history would look a whole lot different. With a career spanning over 50 years, he is one of the architects of the modern concept of designing logotypes and visual identities.

Domestika Masters: Yves Zimmermann

Designer, teacher, and editor: Yves Zimmermann embodied all three. Winner of the Premio Nacional de Diseño (National Design Award) in Spain, he has worked with Barcelona Airport, the Bank of Spain, Carolina Herrera, and the Círculo de Lectores, as well as being a finalist in the competition to design the euro notes. He recounts his extraordinary career.

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Domestika Masters: Enric Huguet

We got to know one of the design world’s most renowned pioneers, who defines the designer as a "poet of the world’s images.". Enric Huguet Muixí (Barcelona, 1928) is one of the fathers of graphic design and illustration in Spain. He made his name creating some of the most iconic posters of the 50s and 60s and designing brands and other visuals in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Domestika Masters: Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 1950) has literally a thousand and one things on his mind. The illustrator and designer can move from topic to topic with incredible skill, from speaking about his love affair with the city of Barcelona to his fascination with digital technology.

Internationally renowned for being the 'father' of Cobi–the 1992 Barcelona Olympics’ official mascot, Mariscal's unique style goes further than his most famous creation: from hotel to set design; from comics and magazine covers to stools.

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