What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare?

5 illustrations of the scariest situations creatives face

In this Halloween season, some enjoy horror movies, books or stories that may have to do with supernatural beings or monsters from other worlds.

But in the world of creativity, there are everyday situations that are much more terrifying than a classic pop culture horror piece: facing the blank page, not having a backup of your precious information... Spooky!

Now five illustrators share their take on some of these fears from the Domestika creative community that will make you tremble:

Iván Mayorquín (@ivanmayorquin)

Learn to tell stories with drawings and to create boredom-proof comics in the course Introduction to Sequential Narrative for Comics.

What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare? 2
Iván Mayorquín

Emma Hanquist (@emmahan)

Learn how to use illustration as a communication tool to creatively enhance a text in the course Editorial Illustration for Magazines.

What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare? 4
Emma Hanquist

María Luque (@mariajluque)

Discover the process to create a graphic novel from the birth of the idea to its publication in the course Creation and Development of Graphic Novels.

What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare? 6
María Luque

Joel Santana (@hemaddhattr)

Learn how to breathe life into a character sketch through color and light with Adobe Photoshop in the course Digital Painting for Characters: Color and Light.

What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare? 8
Joel Santana

Catalina Vásquez (@kathiuska)

Learn to breathe life into your frame by frame illustrations, with Photoshop or Procreate and After Effects in the course Animated Frame by Frame Illustrations.

What Is Your Worst Creative Nightmare? 10
Catalina Vásquez

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