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Tips for Digitizing Your Sketches

Camipepe shares advice for digitizing your sketches in Illustrator

After you’ve developed the concept for a project–whether it be graphic design, lettering, or illustration project–it’s best to get your ideas down on paper in the form of a sketch. Once you’ve done this, the next step is to convert it into a digital illustration.

In this blog post, design and illustration duo Camipepe (@camipepe) shares their top tips for simplifying this process and improving your workflow in Adobe Illustrator:

Personalize your software

In general, it’s good practice to organizing your Illustrator workspace, so that the tools you use most frequently are easily accessible. Camipepe creates a personalized menu on the right with the tools they find most useful, including functions such as Layers and Paragraph Styles, after selecting the Layout option.

Working with your sketch

Position your sketch on your workspace using the Embed function and adjust the size.

Then, select Opacity and choose the Multiply option. Lock the layer so that you can’t make any changes to the sketch. Now create a new layer underneath your sketch layer.

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