Discover the Pioneers of the Photomontage

No, the montage wasn't invented by Photoshop. Discover in this video how photographers were "fooling" people over a century ago

For many, digital photography has done away with the sincerity of analog. What they don't know is that analog photography, although we have always been assured that it captures reality as faithfully as possible, is not entirely reliable either.

As early as the 19th century, just a few decades after the invention of photography, there were several instances that show how the construction of alternate realities was already part of the essence of analog photography. Pioneers who were innovating long before the dawn of Adobe.

Discover the Pioneers of the Photomontage  1

A little history

The first "fake" suicide in history. Abraham Lincoln's obsession with his image and how he enthralled a nation. How photography influenced the construction of the American imagination. Or "spirit photography", or when the dead returned from the afterlife to pose for their photos.

Evidence that photography has never been able to escape deception, and surely never will: after all, isn't that the most humane thing in the world?

Do you want to know more? Meet the pioneers of photo retouching in the following video:

And if you've never dared to use Photoshop, but you've also got the touch up bug, you can start with the Introduction to Introduction to Adobe Photoshop by Carles Marsal.

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