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5 Ideas to Dedicate a Day to Your Creativity

Get to work and dedicate a whole day to your creativity, and focus on your personal and your professional projects

They are many small actions we can take to invigorate our professional and creative lives. The Domestika community shared their ideas for what to do to give new life to your career. Try them out and see what you can achieve in just one day.

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Take part in a creative challenge

Creatives organize events around the world that consist of finishing a project in a day. For example, the initiative 24 Hour Project calls on photographers from around the world to document human realities and make people aware of global issues, all in one day. In this video, Ji Lee (@jilee), Creative Director of Facebook and Instagram challenges you to make someone happy.

Visit a museum

If you love the arts, science, history or culture, spend a day in a museum. You are sure to find interesting exhibitions or activities that will inspire you.

And you can even get to know some of the world’s greatest museums digitally. Museums such as the Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Vatican Museums, and the NASA Space Center offer virtual tours. You will find various collections and museums near you on the Google Arts & Culture web page.

In this video, you’ll find a different kind of museum, perfect to wake up your creativity. Do you know other museums of this kind?

Start a creative journal

A great way to unlock your creativity is to keep a journal or artist's notebook. When you start recording your ideas, concerns, graphic resources or lists of things you want to do, you'll see your creativity start to flow and you'll spend more time on your personal projects.

In the course Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity, Adolfo Serra shares techniques and exercises to create an artistic notebook that will give you many new ideas and be the beginning of your own pictorial universe.

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Adolfo Serra

Redo your workspace

An organized workspace will help your ideas and inspiration flow better. Studies show that an organized space increases productivity and the feeling of happiness at work. Some things you can do are donate or discard items you don't use, search for inspirational images, and redesign your tool settings.

In this video, you will meet designer Rodrigo Corral and his studio.

Improve your online presence

We often neglect how we present ourselves to the world in our digital spaces. Updates to our online profiles can guide us in finding new partners or clients.

When was the last time you took an action like this?

- Update your LinkedIn
- Improve your social media bios
- Publish recent projects to your portfolio
- Design your CV
- Revise the product descriptions on your online shop

In the course, LinkedIn: Build your Personal Brand, Núria Mañé will show you how to create and maintain an excellent digital reputation.

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