5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv

We collected some of the best ideas from a talk given by Haviv, who came to Madrid to share his knowledge and career

Sagi Haviv is a partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, a legendary studio responsible for the design of brands such as Mobil, PBS, NBC, Showtime or National Geographic; Haviv counts the logos for Animal Planet, US Open or Conservation International among his most well-known creations.

The designer, one of the most influential names worldwide, spent a few days in Madrid to shoot his next course with Domestika, and took the opportunity to participate in the event Domestika Presents: Sagi Haviv, a design talk at the IED in Madrid. We collected some of the most inspiring phrases from the event, during which Haviv captivated the audience with his experience and knowledge.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 1
Sagi Haviv, during the event

"A logo is not a sentence, it's the period at the end"

For Haviv, a logo should not try to carry all the weight of the brand: other ways of communicating with the potential consumers must always be taken into account, as well as all the values that they associate with the brand in their minds. A logo should be the conclusion to this whole ecosystem of meanings and communications, a climax that effectively transmits brand values.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 3
Some of the logos designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

"Nobody falls in love with a logo at first sight"

The designer insisted on the fact that it takes time for a brand to gain meaning and power, and that, very frequently, a logo is not loved right away. Due to the client's preconceptions and the initial shock that an abrupt change can cause, Haviv has encountered negative reactions at various times in his career. However, he said he never had to go back to the drawing board, no matter how reluctant the client was at the beginning: he only had to let time pass.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 5
Some of Haviv's talk attendees

"Logos survive because they can adapt to countless formats"

To prevent logos becoming too complex or elaborate and test if a design will work or not, Haviv advises printing it in different sizes and colors. Thus, we can ensure that once it begins to be applied in different formats, it will continue to retain its communicative and aesthetic values.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 7
Haviv reviewed various case studies drawn from his long career

"At the study we always try to ignore trends"

Haviv also emphasized that, although trends–such as adding 3D effects or using certain colors–may seem important, in reality the only thing that should be taken into account are the objective values ​​of the design. It should honestly reflect the brand, be legible and aesthetically effective and not resort to aesthetic trends that may go out of style in a few years.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 9
During the event, the sense of humor was not lacking

"We spend a lot of time with our clients to get to know each other"

Another key element for Haviv is the relationship with clients: never lose sight of the human value in any design. Although it can bring conflicts and disagreements, the designer believes that only by truly understanding clients can the best solutions be reached. Even if a proposal does not convince them from the get-go, it is important not to lose hope and keep looking for ways to understand them.

5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv 11
The talk closed with a very interesting question time

Stay tuned to Domestika and our social networks to find out everything about the next Sagi Haviv online course, where you will get the chance to learn with one of the most influential brand designers in the world.


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