Download Free: ‘Rude Font’ Typography, by Miguel Nieto

Graphic designer Miguel Nieto shares his typography, Rude Font, with the Domestika community for free

Miguel Nieto (@miguelnieto) created Rude Font to fill the need for a typography inspired by the ads at the turn of the 20th century. He imagined a modern adaptation of the classic advertising publications with a touch of street style. The typography found its shape and now we can download it for free as members of the Domestika community.

Download Free: ‘Rude Font’ Typography, by Miguel Nieto 1

The font was designed with Adobe Illustrator and FontLab and Nieto had a clear idea of what he wanted from the outset. Today, Nieto’s personal project has gone far beyond where he ever imagined:

"One day, while walking down the street, I noticed the T-shirt worn by a boy who was walking in front of me and I saw that they had used the Rude typeface. I approached him to ask where he had bought it and was surprised that it was the name of an important textile multinational, with which, by the way, I got in touch. This was a great joy for me because, when you do a personal project, you don't expect it to go so far."
Download Free: ‘Rude Font’ Typography, by Miguel Nieto 3

This is the first typography Miguel ever dared to design, but not the last. His next challenge is to create a font script influenced by the work of Joluvian, an assignment he’ll get to work on once he finishes the Design of Calligraphy Logos course on Domestika.

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Typography Rude - Miguel

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