A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram

Discover the best times to publish and other key tips for creatives looking to improve their Instagram page

Nubia Navarro, better known as Nubikini (@nubikini), is a Venezuelan graphic designer and lover of typography, letters, and photography. Since discovering her true passion while taking a course in experimental typography, she hasn’t stopped experimenting, working on projects for Adidas, Coca-Cola and UNICEF.

Instagram has become her favorite platform for sharing her lettering work, given that the social media network allows her to show her creative process and passion for letters, and connect with her followers. Standing out on Instagram isn’t just about creating quality content, you also need to know which are the best times to publish it, and familiarize yourself with the different formats you can use to generate engagement.

Drawing on her own experience, Nubikini has created a list of her top tips for presenting your creative work on Instagram:

A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram 1

Export files to Instagram directly from Procreate

Nubikini usually works on her lettering projects on her iPad, using the Procreate app. As well as offering a range of tools to create, it also allows her to publish her work directly from the app.

Import images from Procreate

In order to be able to publish your work from Procreate to Instagram, head to “Actions” and “Share”. From there, you can export your work in different formats. The most important formats for sharing your work on social media are JPG and PNG. The latter, which allows you to create images without a background, is ideal for Instagram Stories.

Import time-lapses from Procreate

Another option you have is time-lapse. You will find this by clicking “Actions” and “Video”. This enables you to view a time-lapse of your creative process–it’s a recording of how you work, which is great for sharing as part of your portfolio. Your followers are sure to enjoy getting an insight into how you create your work. When it is exported, it is converted into a medium-high quality video that will be easy to upload.

Is it easier to publish straight from your iPad or from your phone?

It depends on the situation–what time you’re thinking about publishing and which device you have at hand. It’s not essential that you publish with one or the other, however, it tends to be easier to publish using your phone, given that it enables you to see the post as it will be seen by your followers (also, you tend to take your phone with you everywhere). If you are going to publish a video, your iPad is the better option as it won’t take as long to upload.

A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram 3

Basic tips for promoting your creative work on Instagram and other social platforms

1. Interact. You can’t grow professionally if you don’t interact with others, if you don’t exchange opinions on certain topics. Create a community, value the work of others, support them, comment…

2. Write good captions. They should be easy to understand, clearly communicating what you want to say. Try to make them interesting and remember that they complement the piece that you are sharing and give it a boost.

3. Don’t over-publish. Don’t overdo it. Instagram might deem your posts spam and limit their reach. Really think about your ideas, don’t waste resources, and, above all, publish at the best times.

According to Nubikini, from her experience, these are the best times to publish content on Instagram. However, remember: it’s best to try them out and analyze the results so that you can get to know your followers and discover what times work best for you.

Monday: 9am and 6pm
Tuesday: 8am and 9pm
Wednesday: 10am and 4pm
Thursday: 8am, 11am and 1pm
Friday: 10am and 1pm
Saturday: 2pm
Sunday: 2pm and 3pm

4. The message you want to communicate might end up being more relevant than the time at which you communicate it.

5. Use the best hashtags. Begin by using 3 or 5 hashtags that describe your work. Little by little, you can start to include a few more specific ones. Always analyze the information Instagram makes available regarding engagement.

A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram 5

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