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10 Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organize Your Life

We share a list of tools that will help you organize, simplify and optimize your work

The world is obsessed with time and productivity. We continuously look for ways to do things faster and with less effort, improve our time management skills, and lead more productive and satisfying lives.

Luckily, technology offers various applications that facilitate work and allow us to save time.
We selected 10 apps that will make you more efficient when you work.

10 Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organize Your Life 2
Illustration by James Daly

1. Todoist

The definitive app to make lists of pending tasks. With more than 10 million users, it is the preferred digital tool to write down your to-do lists. The software and its artificial intelligence interpret and categorize tasks based on your entries, and automatically schedule reminders, in addition to archiving what you have already done.

In addition to being able to use it personally, it can also be used by teams to plan projects, assign responsibilities, discuss details in tasks, and monitor deadlines within the application. Its basic functionality is free, with a cost for some premium features.

2. CloudApp

A great visual communication tool. This application allows you to record your monitor, take screenshots, create GIFs, annotate images, and capture pictures through your webcam, to upload and share files almost automatically. Capture, share and accelerate your workflow. Whether communicating with your team or a client, CloudApp allows you to show people what you want to say.

Its basic functionality is free, with a cost for some premium features.

3. HelloSign

In the digital world, signing documents can be overwhelming: scan the paper, send it by email to the signer, who will need to print it, sign it, scan it again, and send it back. HelloSign eliminates all those useless steps and allows you to sign electronically legally.

Also, signed documents are organized within the secure application system, which means you do not need space to store physical records. Only the user who creates and sends documents must pay a monthly fee; those who receive them do not even need to create an account to use it.

4. Trello

A project management application that makes organization more functional and less complicated. The program is very visual, intuitive, and easy to operate. Users can divide their projects into more specific areas through cards for each task. These cards can be organized in different columns, that can represent different phases of a project.

Trello is free to use and offers premium plans with additional features.

5. Slack

It is one of the most successful and fastest-growing applications in the technology industry and described as an incredible productivity driver. It is a communication tool that facilitates the collaboration of a work team.

Slack organizes all conversations so that they are always available, and you can find the correct information. It allows you to create different channels for different projects, departments, and clients. Team members can enter and exit conversations as necessary, in addition to sharing documents, video chatting, and sending GIFs within the application. Plans vary by user.

6. Toggl

A simple and intuitive time tracker application, this tool allows you to record the time you dedicate to each of your tasks. It is not limited to one device and works on computers, tablets, and phones, so no matter where or what you are working on, your time is tracked.

Toggl makes a detailed report for each task, analyzes the numbers, and shows you how you spent your time. You can then manage this to be more productive. The application is free, although the premium features have a cost per user.

7. Zapier

This application allows its users to integrate and automate between applications that generally don’t work together. For example, if you receive an email in Gmail, you can configure it to automatically save any attachment in a Dropbox folder and send an alert via Slack.

Integration and automation do not require coding and work with more than 1,000 tools and applications to create custom workflows. The plans vary in price depending on the features you need.

8. Cloudcal

An exclusive Android application, that merges all calendars and planners into one. It is a free tool that combines all the schedules from Google, Trello, Meetup, Facebook, Outlook, and even Evernote, in one place, to give you an instant overview of all your events and tasks.

9. Google Keep

This tool, designed to create quick notes, is perfect for those fantastic ideas that arise at any time or to write down new passwords so as not to be forgotten. It has several advantages, such as adding hashtags, dictating notes on the fly, sorting notes by color, adding scanned text, and sharing with other users.

10. Headspace

To be more productive, it is also necessary to plan a moment of rest, and this digital platform is ideal because it provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training with cartoons, videos, and audio. The application helps you destress and find inner peace. All you need is your phone and some headphones. You can meditate before bedtime or on the go.


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