Freelance Tutorial: 6 Tips to Find Clients

Find out how and where to connect with potential clients when you start working as a freelancer by Martina Flor

Martina Flor (@martinaflor) is a designer and illustrator who specializes in the art of illustrated lettering. She has dedicated herself, body and soul, to this profession as a freelancer for many years, and knows everything you need when starting to work on your own. Here are 6 ways to get new clients.

1. Your circle

The main thing is to put yourself on the radar, that is, tell the people closest to you that you have decided to undertake this adventure so you get the first customers by word of mouth.

2. Social media

A simpler, second tip is to open accounts on social media that serve as a portfolio of your work. These will open doors visually, as they enable you to show what you do and reach people who are not from your circle or are even in another country.

3. Coworking

Another way to meet new people is to move your office, study or home office to a coworking space, that is, to a space shared with other creatives. This can lead to collaborations or joint projects that can open doors for you.

4. Events

Going to events related to your specialization, conferences, breakfasts, openings, and talks can make you known in the creative world. The regulars will start to recognize your face and your projects and in addition, you could have the opportunity, when the time comes, to give your own conference to show your work.

5. Networking

Networking is fundamental to acquiring new clients. Although approaching people, talking about your projects and handing out your card can be daunting, take advantage of any of the previous points, such as coworking or events to start the conversation with that potential client and avoid a cold first contact.

6. Promotional products

Often, in addition to a business card with your info, handing out a product showing what you offer as a freelancer is an added value that can be very well received. For example, Martina creates postcards with lettering that she sends to potential clients. Depending on what you make or design, you can think about offering something for free and at the same time show part of your work.


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