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Hand Lettering Tutorial: How To Draw An Ampersand

Learn to draw the symbol & with these tricks and tips from Joluvian and apply them to your lettering projects

When we start lettering, it’s interesting to begin with the letters and symbols that are most common. That way, we can take what we learn from them and use it on more complicated commissions, adding the tools to our repertoire one by one .

In order for you to be able to enter the world of lettering with the best, Joluvian (@joluvian), graphic designer, calligrapher, typographer and illustrator, will share a few tips in the following video on how to draw an ampersand, the well known “&” sign, by hand.

What is an ampersand?

Basically, the ampersand (the & symbol) is a ligature, combining E and T to make this third symbol. As you probably already know, it is a more stylized way to simply write “and”.


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