• 8 Free Tutorials for Drawing Characters Quickly

    8 Free Tutorials for Drawing Characters Quickly

    Bring your characters to life on screen and paper with the help of Domestika experts If you are dedicated to creating comics, animation, children's illustration or concept art, much of your professional career will depend on your ability to draw characters. However, this ability is not unique to those creatives. Social media and online design trends make it increasingly necessary to create attractive and original characters that communicate complex concepts through playful language. Whether you are about to start in this art or are already established, it is essential to know that drawing attractive and endearing characters requires a lot of expertise. Exaggerating or simplifying certain physical qualities is not enough for bringing your marks to life and for people to identify with your characters. You must apply rules of anatomy, a bit of psychology, and even deal with the dreaded creative block.

  • Sarah Van Dongen Illustrates Her Experiences in This Draw Yourself

    Sarah Van Dongen Illustrates Her Experiences in This Draw Yourself

    The Dutch illustrator, specialized in creating children's books, answers questions about herself using... illustration Sarah Van Dongen (@sarahvandongenillustrations) is a Dutch illustrator based in Amsterdam who has always loved stories, and after studying literature did a masters in children’s book illustrations in Cambridge, UK. Since then, she has applied these skills and her passion for storytelling by creating children’s books and editorial pieces for magazines and clients such as Villa Augustus, Adobe, and Possible. In this Draw Yourself, Sarah draws various scenes from her life to help us get to know her better. She reveals what picture books she remembers seeing as a child and how they inspired her, why she loved to draw in 3D when she was growing up, and why she’d love for her teachers to see her now.

  • 12 Online Courses For Creating Books for Children and Young People

    12 Online Courses For Creating Books for Children and Young People

    Learn how to write and illustrate engaging stories for children and young adults with our experts Children and teenagers know what they want to find in a book: adventure, fantasy, humor, originality, and many surprise elements to escape from boredom. If you are an author searching for a young audience, you’ll need to create that magic, both with words and illustrations. So, if you want to publish a book, you’ll need to master several techniques and work on a whole set of elements: plot, characters, language, and images. But, keep your eyes on the prize: your work will bring them enjoyment and excitement, and above all, will make them think.

  • Free E-Book: 100 Creative illustrations By Weberson Santiago

    Free E-Book: 100 Creative illustrations By Weberson Santiago

    ArtBook features vibrant designs by an illustrator who specializes in children’s illustration Aside from lots of practice, illustration is a creative process that requires a vast library of references and influences. It is only then that an illustrator will be able to develop their own style and succeed in capturing our attention with lines and colors. Weberson Santiago (@webersonsantiago) is an illustrator, writer, and teacher who has published several projects and books for children since the beginning of his career. He has worked with major Brazilian and Portuguese publishers, as well as Veja magazine and Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.

  • 12 Online Courses for Creating Children’s Books

    12 Online Courses for Creating Children’s Books

    Learn to create a range of illustrated books and albums with a little help from these experts in children’s and young adult literature International Children's Book Day is celebrated every year on April 2, which is also the same day that Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen was born. You are sure to have come across his works, such as The Ugly Duckling, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and The Little Mermaid, which have also been made into films. This annual celebration aims to fuel children and young adults’ interest in books. Discovering original and inspiring stories on the page helps children and young adults to unleash their imaginations in the real world. These 12 online courses will help you to become an expert in children’s and YA literature and invent a unique language that combines words with illustrations. From picture books to theater books, the possibilities are endless. Creation of a Children's Picturebook, a course by Claudia Rueda When it comes to embarking on the creation of an illustrated children's book, it’s always better to seek out the advice of experts. Claudia Rueda is here to guide you, having published over thirty works and been nominated for important international awards such as the Hans Christian Andersen Award and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Learn how Claudia plans and elaborates a picture book from scratch, starting with the first idea to creating the layout and finalizing the project before delivering it to a publisher.

  • How to Create an Expression Sheet for a Character You’ve Designed

    How to Create an Expression Sheet for a Character You’ve Designed

    An expression sheet is a way to get to know your character and show how they express themselves Designing a new character is not an easy task: you have an idea, you look for reference images, you sketch several versions... When you finally get to a satisfactory point, you have to work out how to convey emotion through their facial expressions and body language. To do so, Caio Martins (@caiorfmartins) recommends creating an expression sheet. This sheet will allow you to understand how your character behaves and looks from different angles in different moods. To create your expression sheet, sketch your character in several different poses. This will help you discover other aspects of your character's personality. Imagine what they look like from behind, sitting, or showing their profile when irritated, surprised, or happy!

  • The Fascinating Story of the Women Who Created the Great Disney Classics
    Film & Video

    The Fascinating Story of the Women Who Created the Great Disney Classics

    The Golden Age of film animation would not have been possible without these female illustrators, animators, and art directors Cinderella (1950), Dumbo (1941), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), and Bambi (1942) are classic Disney movies that marked the childhood of millions of children worldwide. They have one thing in common: the role played by women in their making was invaluable. Although it was the legendary animators of the early days of Disney Production (known as Disney's Nine Old Men) who went down in animation history, the dream factory created by Walt Disney paved the way to hundreds of women. However, their stories may not be as well-known as those of their male counterparts.

  • Meet Award-winning Illustrator Owen Davey

    Meet Award-winning Illustrator Owen Davey

    Discover the wonderful world of this multi-talented British artist as he tells us about his creative process, influences, and inspiration Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws) is passionate about illustration. His award-winning children’s books have been published in every continent except Antarctica. Working from the English coastal town of Worthing, Owen is known for his geometric vector illustrations, limited color palettes, and his love of drawing animals. Among his clients, he counts Google, Facebook, Sony, The New York Times, National Geographic, Microsoft, Lego, the Two Dot app, and many, many more.

  • 10 Great Manga Artists and Their Work

    10 Great Manga Artists and Their Work

    Learn about some of the most talented and renowned mangakas of all time In Japan, all comic strips are called manga. The word combines two kanjis that mean informal (漫 man) and drawing (画 ga). In the West, the term is used to refer both to comics and Japanese-style drawing. In 1814, artist Katsushika Hokusai began to illustrate short stories where samurais took center stage and which depicted the wars and victories experienced in Japan. He coined the word 'manga.' From then on, Japanese graphic art combined with western comic strips started to spread throughout Japan. However, it wasn't until 1945 that this art was established as a modern entertainment industry at the hand of Osamu Tezuka. The Japanese animator and mangaka (the name given to artists who write or draw mangas), who is considered the god of manga, wrote The New Treasure Island, followed by Astroboy. The manga universe includes many styles, talents, and stories. Technical competence and artistic style are also constant in this universe. Some series and creators particularly stand out for their visual impact. Many titles are highly detailed, even more than their anime counterparts. We have created a list of the most impressive mangas and mangakas of all time and included some of the geniuses who set up an industry for this Japanese art.

  • Drawing Tutorial: Using Basic Shapes in Children’s Illustration

    Drawing Tutorial: Using Basic Shapes in Children’s Illustration

    Jimena S. Sarquiz shares tips for creating characters in Procreate using basic shapes When it comes to producing artwork that demonstrates creativity and imagination, it’s certain that the artist will have developed formulas to make their processes easier. In illustration, basic shapes–circles, squares, triangles, among many others–play an important role when it comes to determining the key elements that make up a character or a scene. Illustrator Jimena S. Sarquiz–creator of monitosbonitos (@monitosbonitos)–has worked on illustration projects with Editorial Norma, Edebé, Santillana, Macmillan Education, Cambridge University Press, and Editorial Televisa. Today, she shares tips for getting your proportions right, as well as how to take basic shapes and turn them into characters. Discover more in the video below:

  • Studio Ghibli Releases Free Images From All Its Movies

    Studio Ghibli Releases Free Images From All Its Movies

    Download more than a thousand free high-res images from this beloved animation studio's films The films of Studio Ghibli without a doubt have won the heart of animation lovers all over the world. Much of their emblematic films appear in many of the critics' selections as unmissable works of art. In September, the studio's producer, Toshio Suzuki, published a handwritten note in which he communicated the free sharing of images of eight of his films. In the following months the number increased and, since the beginning of December, what should be the last collection for a while, is online for free download. In total there are already 1,178 images, from all films!

  • 7 of Our Favorite Children's Illustrators

    7 of Our Favorite Children's Illustrators

    Discover seven of the most talented artists to illustrate our childhoods Kids are a demanding bunch and illustrating for them isn’t as simple as you might think. There are masters of the craft whose hands have created visual worlds that have captivated and calmed young minds for decades. Here is a look at seven of the most celebrated children’s illustrators and their wonderful artwork. Quentin Blake The scrawling illustrations of Quentin Blake are inseparable from Roald Dahl and the stories he wrote, ostensibly, for children. In 2008, David Walliams, of Little Britain fame, managed to persuade Blake to use his inimitable style to illustrate his book The Boy in the Dress, the story about a young boy who likes to crossdress and the reactions this provokes in his friends and family.

  • The Adventure of Publishing Your First Children's Book, by Flavia Z Drago

    The Adventure of Publishing Your First Children's Book, by Flavia Z Drago

    We spoke with this talented Mexican illustrator about how she got her children's book published Flavia Z Drago (@flavia_zdrago) studied Graphic Design but specialized in illustration and children's books. She has illustrated more than ten books, a Hermès carré (scarf), a Frida Kahlo coffee pot, and cups for Chocolate Abuelita, among many other things. This year, Walker Books published her first book as an author and illustrator, titled Gustavo, the Shy Ghost, a dream that has haunted her for over a decade. We talked with her about her passion for storytelling, her influences, and the experience of preparing her first book.