Top 5 Midjourney artists using artificial intelligence

Top 5 Midjourney artists using artificial intelligence 0

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the sphere of creative tools is undeniable

Over the recent period, these tools have swiftly transitioned from novelty to necessity, becoming ubiquitous in the process. It is not to suggest that this proliferation of AI tools is undesirable, especially considering the incredible works they have produced across various mediums including visuals, textual content, podcasts, and even music. In fact, AI-generated music collaborations have resulted in compelling outcomes - the Drake and The Weeknd AI collaboration is certainly worth a listen!

Among the first sectors to truly harness the power of AI is undoubtedly the realm of art, with text-to-image models like Midjourney democratizing art creation. Art plays a fundamental role in several design-based fields, one of which is architecture. In the present scenario, we are witnessing a transformative phase where AI tools are being employed by creatives to bring about radical changes in the field of architecture. They are infusing novel ideas into the discipline or amalgamating architectural concepts with other design fields to produce innovative outcomes.

Let's explore five Midjourney artists who are making waves in the realm of architecture with their AI-driven creations!

Hassan Ragab (@hsnrgb)

Hassan Ragab, an Egyptian architect based in California, is a prominent name in the world of AI art. His career, spanning over ten years, is deeply rooted in computational architecture. The internet was abuzz when Ragab began showcasing his AI-derived creations, particularly his unique and visually appealing building facades created using AI text-to-image tools.

In due course, Ragab ventured into the realm of AI videos, ingeniously converting human movement into architectural forms. A noteworthy instance of this approach is his transformation of Michael Jackson's dance and a ballet dancer's movement into individual frames of modern buildings.

A significant aspect of Ragab's work is his unique combination of AI tools. Besides Midjourney, he employs a bespoke blend of AI tools which he's developed by training machines on his own architectural projects over the past decade. To witness some of Ragab's AI-induced architectural marvels, a visit to his Instagram page is highly recommended.

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Arturo Tedeschi (@arturotedeschi)

Tedeschi is a veteran in the field of algorithmic design, a methodology he considers a reflection of nature's process—achieving a harmony between artistry and efficiency. As a seasoned expert in generative design and the author of several books, he is gradually shifting his focus to utilizing and training AI tools for designing.

Tedeschi's exploration in design transcends the boundaries of architecture as he probes into various disciplines and AI tools. One of his noteworthy endeavors includes recreating MET Gala outfits on his Instagram using Midjourney, showcasing his exceptional ability to employ AI for attaining the perfect outcome.

To delve into his latest works, his Instagram page is a good starting point. For those interested in his methods, Tedeschi offers a course on Domestika about using Grasshopper's algorithms for 3D modeling.

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Shail Patel (

Architectural Designer of Indian origin, Shail Patel, known on social media as, adeptly navigates the use of Midjourney. His creations are a medley of intriguing images ranging from surreal bubble homes and vehicles to vibrant storefronts for high-end brands. There is a grandeur to Patel's designs, yet they retain an element that sparks childlike wonder, be it through bubble-inspired creations or fashion gowns composed entirely of foliage. Patel's Instagram page is a vibrant display of his continuous creation of striking new work.

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Ulises Design Studio (

Those who admire Patel's work are likely to be equally captivated by the offerings of the Ulises.AI Instagram account. This Berlin-based studio excels at ideating and actualizing concepts via AI and has engaged in collaborations with ArchDaily and its affiliate, DesignBoom. A significant portion of their work dwells within architectural boundaries, with the exploration of novel materials, styles, and even architectural movements via AI. Their Instagram page provides a fascinating glimpse into the world envisioned by the creative minds at Ulises.

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Str4ngething (@str4ngething)

Akin to the enigmatic Banksy in maintaining an anonymous identity, Str4ngeThing blurs the boundaries between fashion and architecture, seamlessly integrating high fashion with Renaissance elements. Building a distinctive style with AI tools poses challenges given AI's tendency to tap into its vast database to generate designs across varied styles. However, Str4ngeThing manages to establish a visually unique niche successfully. This eclectic fusion has garnered attention from Vogue, Hypebeast, High Snobiety, and leading NFT platforms. What sets Str4ngeThing apart from other artists is their judicious blend of two contrasting styles, resulting in truly cutting-edge creations.

They've innovatively reimagined the Renaissance and Art Nouveau movements, infusing them with AI. Their Instagram account offers a showcase of their impressive work.

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