6 Free Creative Writing Tutorials for All Levels

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Having a work process when crafting a creative narrative is essential. We are all capable of telling stories, but that doesn't mean that writing stories comes naturally to everyone. As with any other discipline, writing styles can be worked on, practiced, and perfected. This is why understanding writing techniques can be hugely helpful (and inspiring).

In the following free creative storytelling tutorials, expert writers share tips that'll help you define your own voice. They'll teach you the key components for writing everything from a children's book to an engaging caption, as well as giving you the techniques to hone your skills, overcome writer's block, build a memorable story, and look for inspiration.

6 Free Creative Writing Tutorials for All Levels  2
Below, Shaun Levin shares three simple tips for overcoming a creative block.

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Creativity Tutorial: How to Find Inspiration to Create Stories

A finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize, writer and teacher Alberto Chimal (@albertochimal) shares some of the resources he turns to for inspiration. Here, he teaches you how to observe your environment to form different starting points. He also covers how to know when to finish your story and identify weak points to improve them. The key takeaway? There is no better way to achieve excellence than through practice.

Storytelling Tutorial: The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing for Children

If you want to tailor your creative writing to young readers, Natalia Méndez (@natumendez) has some great advice. The Argentine writer, arts teacher, and editor teaches you how to create a great story with a strong and captivating structure. Natalia is the author of three children's books and has been awarded prizes by literary institutions, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair. Quick tip: remember that images also tell stories.

Storytelling Tutorial: Key Ingredients for Telling Your Personal Story

The art of storytelling does not apply only to a purely narrative realm, but also to the world of marketing and politics. What should a good story include? How can you capture the attention of your readers? Antonio Núñez (@antonionunezstorytelling), communication consultant and storytelling expert, reviews the key ingredients of a personal story that can captivate and convince your audience. The order of events is as important as the emotions you convey.

Instagram Tutorial: How to Create Attention-Grabbing Photo Captions

How do you write an attention-grabbing caption? This essential element of social media can enhance your account and get you more followers. The key is crafting punchy copy that shows your (or your brand's) personality. In this tutorial, Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) shares three basic tips to help you draft great captions. The photographer has collaborated with Adidas, Google, Vogue España, and Reebok, among others, and suggests you be creative, experimental, and above all, playful with words. It's another opportunity to put your creative writing techniques to practice.

Writing Tutorial: 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Are you afraid of creative block? This is more common than it sounds in the world of creativity. That's why Shaun Levin ( @shaun_levin ) shares three simple activities to help you break out of that state. The writer and teacher of creative writing has more than twenty years of experience and will guide you so that you learn to remove doubts from the page or to give you permission to write without judgment. Ultimately, you will reconcile yourself with words. As he says, "the best way to learn to write is by writing."

Copywriting Tutorial: 5 Key Concepts for Beginners

The goal of copywriting is to write persuasive and informative texts. Being familiar with the principles of copywriting will help you write more creative stories. Creative director and copywriter Erica Igue (@kikaigue) swears by five key concepts: brainstorming, briefing, PR stunt, budget, and job. In addition to exploring the universe of copywriting , this video will help you turn your ideas into words.

Have you found these tutorials helpful? If you want to continue learning and bringing your stories to life, check out all of Domestika’s storytelling courses.

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