Explore Bloom & Burn’s Colorful English Gardens in this Domestika Diary

Floral stylist Graeme Corbett shows us around his Kent studio and reveals his inspirations

Renowned flower arrangement brand Bloom & Burn was born in the kitchen of a North London flat in 2016.

Its founder, Graeme Corbett’s success as a floral designer for weddings, magazine covers for titles including Elle, and events for celebrities like chef Jamie Oliver and TV shows like The Voice UK and Celebrity Big Brother have taken him to another level. More precisely to Kent, one of England’s home counties, where the stylist is close to his best suppliers and has his own garden, a spacious studio and access to plenty of inspiration.

In this Domestika Diary, Corbett invites you to discover a little more about his creative routine in the heart of nature.

Everything starts from a good conversation with the client. Once Corbett understands what they’re looking for and the kind of mood they wish to create, he visits his suppliers to find the best blooms.

Back in the studio, he starts planning how to assemble his arrangements. Whenever possible, he uses a plant or two from his own garden to add a personal touch and a final flourish.

Explore Bloom & Burn’s Colorful English Gardens in this Domestika Diary 4

“I love British flowers’ variety, colors and their huge range of different shapes. I spend hours looking for the best blooms for my projects with my bucket and shears,“ he explains. “I’m incredibly lucky to be constantly surrounded by nature.“

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