Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Sewing Machine (beginners guide)

Discover the basic steps you need to start using a sewing machine, with Maria Mandea

Sewing may seem like a mysterious art form, full of hidden tricks and difficulty, but it’s actually really accessible to anyone with patience, motivation and a good eye for detail.

Although sewing used to be a family activity, passed down from generation to generation, the internet means anyone can now become an expert. This keeps sewing alive, and allows for its reinvention.

Play designer Maria Mandea (@miculhaos) specializes in creating playful fabric characters, which she makes with her basic sewing skills.

In this tutorial, Maria teaches you how to set up a sewing machine so you can set to work with much more agility. Don’t miss her video!

First place a bobbin of thread on the spool, which is usually on top of the machine.


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