Ceramics Tutorial: How to Add Texture to Your Plant Pots

Learn the techniques you need to add the texture and decorations that give your ceramics plenty of personality, with La Pomona

Ceramic plant pots are beautiful decorative pieces that (combined with gorgeous plants) add life and color to your home, office or any interior. Did you know you can make your own elegant pots from the comfort of your own home?

Founder of creative studio La Pomona (@lapomonamx), Mónica Oceja is a designer and potter who loves plants. She cares for her greenery by designing ceramic pots that support the shape and needs of each. In this tutorial, Mónica teaches you how to decorate or add texture to your pots using simple tools, to give your plants plenty of character.

Take a look at the following video:

The materials you’ll need:

- Empty ceramic mold
- Fine scraper
- Little, barely damp, sponge
- Dry sponge - Small brush
- Slip trail applicator

Bas-relief textures

1. Draw fine lines over your pot
Use a fine scraper to create a series of bas-relief lines that will give your (empty) pot an initial touch of geometry.


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