Photoshop Tutorial: Shortcuts Every Illustrator Needs

Learn the basic Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts you need for any illustration project, with Gemma Gould

Keyboard shortcuts are a key tool for improving your workflow in Adobe Photoshop. They accelerate your work processes, especially frequently repeated tasks.

British illustrator Gemma Gould (@gemmagould) has used Photoshop for over 10 years. In this tutorial, she teaches you the basic shortcuts that anyone who wants to get under the skin of the industry’s most powerful design software needs to know.

Find out more in the video.

26 basic Photoshop shortcuts for illustrators

Let’s start with the easiest shortcuts you really need to start working:

(Please note: if you’re working in Windows you need to use the Control key whereas if you’re on a Mac you use Command.)

Basic shortcuts to get you started

1. Control/Command + N → New document.

2. Control/Command + O → Open new document.


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