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Introduction to Photoshop for Illustrators

By Gemma Gould , Illustrator

Illustrator. Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.
Joined July 2020

Learn how to create eye-catching digital artwork from scratch with the industry's most powerful design software

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Learn how to create eye-catching digital artwork from scratch with the industry's most powerful design software

Domestika Basics · 6 courses included

As the industry standard software in almost any creative sector, Adobe Photoshop offers unlimited possibilities for illustrators, designers, animators, and all types of professional creatives. Knowing how to use it not only improves your profile as a creator, but also allows you to experiment and explore a wide range of styles, techniques, and mediums.

Illustrator Gemma Gould has been using Photoshop for over a decade to create playful digital artwork that seems to jump off the page. In this Basics, she teaches how to use the software from scratch, taking you from the essential tools and interface to the mockup of a final printed product.

Explore compositions, play with color, and create stronger illustration work with Gemma’s expert tips and tricks. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced illustrator looking for a refresh, develop a more efficient creative workflow and start collaborating on your next illustration project today.

In your first course, get introduced to Adobe Photoshop and discover how to navigate the interface and tools. Learn how to create and set up a new document and how to arrange your workspace to fit your preferences.

In the second course, Gemma teaches you how to use some of Photoshop’s most essential drawing tools to sketch compositions, as well as how to experiment with brush settings and create your own brushes. Get a few tips regarding composition and learn how to select and rearrange elements to improve your layout.

The third course is all about color. Explore some basic color theory, how to choose and create color palettes, and how to use Photoshop’s color editing tools. Discover how to refine traditionally created artwork that has been scanned by using different color correction and healing tools, ideal for print or online use.

In the fourth course, learn how to create artwork using several different painting tools, how to add texture to our work, and some ways to give it a more traditional feel. Try composing an image using traditional elements and textures that have been scanned.

The fifth course covers finishing touches, including a short study of lighting techniques and blurring techniques for adding depth and movement to your work. See how to combine the tools learned throughout the course by walking through Gemma’s entire creative process.

In the final course, learn how to export your artwork for web and print applications. Learn how to create a multi-page pdf and before wrapping things up by creating a simple animation of your illustration.

Technical Requirements

    ⦁ A computer running Windows 7 (or higher) or macOS El Capitan (or higher).
    ⦁ Adobe Photoshop CC: you can download the 7-day trial version from Adobe’s official website.
    ⦁ You will need a graphics tablet to work more comfortably.
    ⦁ A scanner or camera phone is needed to digitize your traditional artwork into the computer.
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18602 Students
565 Reviews
100% Positive ratings

Gemma Gould

Teacher Plus

Gemma Gould is a British illustrator based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Drawing inspiration from traditional printmaking techniques, her artwork combines vibrant geometric shapes with textured details and gentle humour.

With over a decade of experience creating artwork with Adobe Photoshop, Gemma has worked with international clients across a number of industries, including children’s books, editorial, and animation.


Course 1: Introduction

  • U1


    • Welcome
  • U2

    New Document

    • New Document
  • U3


    • Workspace
  • U4

    The Toolbar

    • The Toolbar
  • U5


    • Layers
  • U6

    Rulers and Guides

    • Rulers and Guides
  • U7

    Practice: Setting up for Illustration

    • Setting up for Illustration

Course 2: Drawing and Composition

  • U1

    Drawing Tools

    • Drawing Tools
  • U2

    Editing Brushes

    • Editing Brushes
  • U3

    Making Brushes

    • Making Brushes
  • U4

    Selecting and Editing Elements

    • Selecting and Editing Elements
  • U5

    Scanning and Preparing Traditional Sketches

    • Scanning and Preparing Traditional Sketches
  • U6

    Building with Shapes

    • Building with Shapes
  • U7

    Practice: Composing Your Image

    • Composing Your Image

Course 3: Exploring Color

  • U1

    A Little Colour Theory

    • A Little Colour Theory
  • U2

    Pick a Colour

    • Pick a Colour
  • U3

    Creating Colour Palettes

    • Creating Colour Palettes
  • U4


    • Contrast
  • U5

    Adjusting Colour and Value of Traditional Work

    • Adjusting Colour and Value of Traditional Work
  • U6

    Practice: Value Studies

    • Value Studies

Course 4: Painting and Texture

  • U1

    Let’s Paint!

    • Let’s Paint
  • U2

    Fill and Gradients

    • Fill and Gradients
  • U3


    • Masks
  • U4

    Blend Modes

    • Blend Modes
  • U5

    Textures (Part 1)

    • Textures 1
  • U6

    Textures (Part 2)

    • Textures 2
  • U7

    Practice: Artwork

    • Artwork 1
    • Artwork 2

Course 5: Effects and Finishing Touches

  • U1

    Light and Shadow

    • Light and Shadow
  • U2

    Depth, Movement and Focus

    • Depth, Movement and Focus
  • U3

    Final Readability Adjustments

    • Final Readability Adjustments
  • U4

    Practice: Putting it All Together

    • Putting It All Together 1
    • Putting It All Together 2
    • Putting It All Together 3
    • Putting It All Together 4
    • Putting It All Together 5

Course 6: Exporting Your Artwork

  • U1

    Format for Printing

    • Format for Printing
  • U2

    Exporting for Web

    • Exporting for Web
  • U3

    Presenting Artwork

    • Presenting Artwork
  • U4

    Animation (Part 1)

    • Animation in Photoshop 1
  • U5

    Practice: Animation (Part 2)

    • Animation in Photoshop 2

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Introduction to Photoshop for Illustrators. Illustration course by Gemma Gould Best seller

Introduction to Photoshop for Illustrators

By Gemma Gould
Illustrator. Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.
Joined July 2020
  • 100% positive reviews (565)
  • 18602 students