Free Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing

Architect and illustrator Héctor López shares a useful guide to understand the technique for drawing architectural objects and perspective

In drawing, perspective is used to represent spatial depth. It is a way of looking at three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional plane or surface. This representation helps us understand the proportions and depths of the elements we are drawing and is extremely useful to understand the shape of an object.

Both architects and illustrators know perfectly the power of perspective: it creates depth through drawing and therefore realism.

Free Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing 1
Understanding perspective is fundamental for illustrators and architects.

Perspective is what we use when we draw something with volume, such as a cube. In architecture, it is also used for much more complex subjects such as the representations of buildings in three dimensions.

This guide, provided by the architect and illustrator Héctor López (@_thearchitector), will help you to better draw in perspective step by step. This is an exercise that will allow you to understand how to represent spaces and consolidate concepts such as the horizon line, the land line and vanishing points.

Free Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing 3
Sample of the 10 pages PDF guide.

Click on the box below to download a PDF file with the Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing. A .zip file will be in your Downloads folder. Please double click on it to unzip it and enjoy the guide.

Free Step-By-Step Guide to Perspective Drawing 5

This file will only be available until February 16th, 2021. If after that date you want to use the material, you can so so by signing up to Héctor's course, Introduction to Freehand Architectural Design, and learn how to illustrate a custom architectural space with layouts, perspectives, and human scale.


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