10 Free Tutorials for Illustrators Who Want to Promote Their Work (And Don't Know How)

Discover practical tips so that your designs and illustrations capture the attention of your audience

Once you start a career as an illustrator, designer, or other creative disciplines, it's a matter of time before you discover that the promotion stage is almost as important as the production stage. Reaching out to potential clients and establishing yourself within the creative community is crucial, but we don't always know how to position our work.

In the following tutorials, experts give you the best tips to make your professional profile and your work attractive and generate more work for you. If, in addition to watching the videos, you want to read the complete instructions, click on the red title of each tutorial.

Freelance Tutorial: How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram

In this video, lettering artist James Lewis (@jamesllewis) explains how to use Instagram to promote your work. He also shares tips on how you can better document and showcase your projects to build a global and digital audience, thereby better positioning yourself as a creative.


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