Domestika Diary: Caro Bello

Caro Bello is a graphic designer and punch-needle embroidery expert. She tells us about her working process and creative routine in this Domestika Diary

Caro Bello (@carobello) fell into punch-needle embroidery by chance. And then, after many tries, teaching herself, she eventually came to master the “magic needle”.

Since then, the graphic designer turned embroidery artist has blended and built on her knowledge of design, photography, and illustration, experimenting with fabrics, wools, and many types of needles. In this Domestika Diary, Caro Bella shares her day-to-day and creative routine with us.

Caro starts her day wearing her other professional hat: as a freelance graphic designer. “Although graphic design is very creative, it’s the most ‘boring’ moment of my day,” Caro reveals. “It’s still a job, with clients, corrections, deadlines, and it can be a bit stressful,” she adds.

Afternoons are her time, time for embroidery. She pulls out her yarns, needles, scissors and everything else she needs and works on creating the designs she sells to customers all over the world.

Some weeks she doesn’t have time to punch-needle in the afternoons, so she has to wait for the weekend, when she enjoys a good breakfast, makes the bed, tidies up and gets to work.

Since she started out in the world of the magic needle, her designs have been published in magazines like OHLALÁ, various design blogs and she also took part in Argentina’s 2019 Casa FOA. Her embroidery style is relaxed, fun, entertaining and sometimes even a little surreal. Ordinary things like a shirt, a mug, or a piece of paper all have the capacity to inspire Caro Bello to create a new piece.

Domestika Diary: Caro Bello 4
Embroidered design by Caro Bello

Tidiness is essential, as unlike other artists, Caro Bella doesn’t have her own studio. Her living space is her workshop, as well as the setting for her punch-needle classes. Every drawer, shelf, and commode are organized by the millimeter to allow her to store as much material as possible. “Living in a small space forces me to be more organized and to think twice before buying anything,” she notes. “Keeping things tidy makes me more creative and means I get more enjoyment out of the embroidery process” she adds.

Domestika Diary: Caro Bello 6
Another embroidered design by Caro Bello

Like this Domestika Diaries? If you want to learn how to create home designs featuring punch-needle embroidery, don’t miss Caro Bello’s online course: Punch Needle XL Embroidery.

English version by @studiogaunt

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