5 Courses on How to Become a Floral Designer

Learn artisanal techniques to make floral designs with your hands

If you love anything flower related, search no more! These courses are just for you. Learn from 5 experts how to use real and handmade flowers to create amazing designs, modify objects, and create craft projects to improve your home or make a special gift.

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Paper Flower Craft Techniques, a course by Eileen Ng

Imagine capturing the beauty of nature with something as simple as paper. Eileen Ng, also known as Eileen Handmade, does just that. In this course, explore organic textures and shapes by cutting and shaping paper into botanical masterpieces. Eileen teaches you how to make realistic petals, leaves, and stems using basic materials like paper, twigs, and wire. Once your arrangement is complete, find the ideal location and fill your environment with natural harmony.

Botanical Printing on Fabric and Paper, a course by Anabel Torres

Can you imagine using nature’s colors to adorn your garments? We’re not aware of the many artisanal methods that are available naturally and sustainably, straight from the comfort of our homes. Learn how to extract nature’s textures and colors to then print them using different fixers to obtain different effects, discovering techniques to create outlines, background colors, and other tricks. During the course, create your own sampler from which you will base your final project: printing your favorite patterns on a garment.

Basic Botanical Pressing Techniques, a course by Happy Green Family

Learn how to preserve and press plants to create unique botanical art compositions. In this course, Camila introduces you to the creative botanical universe by explaining herbaria and different styles of plant art. Learn and practice some different collection techniques, including pressing, preservation, and application. Finally, discover the tricks for achieving better final results before sharing your botanical works of art with the world.

Floral Headpiece: Using Flowers to Create Accessories, a course by Violeta Gladstone

Flowers are a great way of making any space more beautiful, but they can also add a touch of elegance and style to your outfits. Increasingly used in the fashion industry, floral crowns have become an essential accessory for the most daring. Make heads turn at your next event by making your own crown designs a reality with the help of floral stylist Violeta Gladstone. In this course, learn how to design and create your own flower crown from scratch.

Design and Creation of Floral Compositions, a course by ORA The Floral Agency

Learn the essential techniques to create unique flower arrangements by combining colors, fragrances, and textures. In this course, begin your journey into the world of flowers by learning the essential techniques for creating unique floral designs. Juliana teaches, step by step, how to compose different types of arrangements and installations, exploring styles, heights, colors, and textures so you can decorate a memorable table.


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