20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021

Get inspired by the most successful craft artists of the Domestika community in 2020

Craft has acquired many followers, but the image it evokes can be old-fashioned and doesn’t reflect the many possibilities it offers. For this reason, crafts are often considered an unsung category of the creative world.

The best way to learn about this art form is by exploring what contemporary craft artists are doing to innovate and rejuvenate old techniques like embroidery, ceramics, collage, and crocheting. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to prove it.

Reset and change your Instagram feed, with images from creatives from around the world that will surprise and inspire you to take on a craft.

Kathrin Marchenko (@kathrin_marchenko)

Inspired by fashion and haute couture, Moscow textile artist, Kathrin Marchenko, uses tulle and colorful threads as a canvas and creates art pieces with 3D effects.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 1
Kathrin Marchenko

Marina Safronova (@ami_miniatura)

This Russian artist creates tiny crocheted animals using the amigurumi technique. Let her amaze you with her ability to create highly elaborate pieces smaller than the size of her thumb.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 3
Marina Safronova

Sila Gur (@jolly_hoops)

Embroiderer Sila Gur creates beautiful realistic pieces combining different textures and color palettes, mainly depicting female characters in different poses.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 5
Sila Gur

Tatiana Cardona (@female.alchemy)

Tatiana is an American ceramicist who aims to communicate the female essence in her clay pieces. She captures female empowerment reminiscent of the feminist movements of the 60s and 70s in the painted lips that protrude out of her pieces.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 7
Tatiana Cardona

Natalie Ciccoricco (@mrsciccoricco)

Dutch textile artist Natalie uses embroidery to give a new meaning to the objects she comes across, such as stones, lampposts, and old photographs. Her work is minimalist and colorful and inspired by nature and her dreams.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 9
Natalie Ciccoricco

Trish Andersen (@trishandersenart)

American craft artist Trish rediscovers her roots with the rug tufting technique using raw materials found in nature and remnants found on textile factories’ floors.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 11
Trish Andersen

Tily (@t00dlees)

This Brazilian artist and master creates personalized and fun ceramic pieces. His work includes small clay characters that appear to be waiting for us to use them.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 13

Pippa Dyrlaga (@bearfollowscat)

This British artist creates inventive illustrations by cutting out a blank sheet of paper by hand, in a process that can take a few days to complete.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 15
Pippa Dyrlaga

Handmade Embroidery (@rebordado)

Lisbon-based Karla and Fabrício make up this Portuguese duo. They create embroidered pieces with a sense of humor. Their portrait works range from Van Gogh to pop star Britney Spears.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 17
Handmade Embroidery

Adrien Miller (@adrienmillerart)

American ceramicist Adrien Miller claims he creates to express human beauty and materialize handy objects for everyday use. His artwork is made with clay that’s recycled from other pieces.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 19
Adrien Miller

Kelly Ryan (@kellryan)

American embroiderer and designer Kelly Ryan creates colorful pieces and textures using simple and elegant needlepoint, such as the French knot, inspired by her childhood memories.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 21
Kelly Ryan

Mary Matushkina (@littlepinstudio)

Embroiderer Mary Matushkina creates pieces with a mystical and magical touch, thanks to her fantastic fairy-tale and nature-inspired characters.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 23
Mary Matushkina

Tammy Kanat (@tammykanat)

She began her career as a jewelry designer, but she has focused on textile production over the last few years. Her tapestry work reveals her vision of the world and brings beauty and innovation to the textile scene.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 25
Tammy Kanat

Rosemary (@thenuanua)

Australian textile artist Rosemary is known as The Nuanua, which means rainbow in Samoan. Since discovering hand weaving, she's been injecting color and texture into everyone’s lives.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 27

Venus Pérez (@func.n.rec)

Using the punch needle technique, textile artist Venus Pérez creates decorative cushions and renews accessories and clothing to create useful and fun products.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 29
Venus Pérez

DANTE (@arte.dante)

The Brazilian artist known as Dante creates hand puppets for puppet shows that recreate carefully observed human forms and are based on his ancestors. He also makes colorful and attractive art toys.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 31

Eva Zurita Gallego (@evazurita)

Spanish illustrator and ceramicist Eva Zurita creates joyful and beautiful unique pieces celebrating the female figure, as well as illustrations and drawings.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 33
Eva Zurita Gallego

Nneka Jones (@artyouhungry)

This Trinidadian artist's work addresses serious issues and denounces the problems suffered by black women in the Caribbean. Nneka uses needles and thread as if they were paintbrushes and paint, in order to make these women visible.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 35
Nneka Jones

Laura Dalla Vecchia (@levezaart)

In Brazil, this biology student from Curitiba started to create embroidery on dry leaves to denounce the fragility of endangered species in her country and around the world.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 37
Laura Dalla Vecchia

Nyang Stitch (@nyang_stitch)

This Korean embroiderer decorates accessories such as bags and cushions with cheerful kitten characters. A large amount of detail is concentrated in minimal space, making her work highly attractive.

20 Craft Artists to Follow in 2021 39
Nyang Stitch

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