Photography Tutorial: Tips for Photoshoots with Models

Learn how to build a connection with your sitter and understand what people feel during a photo shoot, with Emilia Brandão

Nowadays, photography is more accessible than ever, but a good photographer must know how to connect with their subject. If you are shooting people, a good connection can bring out the best in yourself, your sitter, and, ultimately, your pictures.

Emilia Brandão (@emiliabrandao) is a LEICA ambassador who has worked for Vogue, GQ, Elle and Glamour. In this tutorial, she shares a few simple ways to make your sitter comfortable and create the best environment for a successful shoot.

1. Empathy

Put yourself in your sitter’s shoes. Emilia is the first to admit that a photo shoot can be an awkward situation to find yourself in.

Imagining how your sitter might be feeling will allow you to take the best steps to make sure their experience is as enjoyable as possible: it is almost always easier to take good pictures of a relaxed sitter.


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