10 Hand Embroidery Online Courses to Spark Your Creativity With Needle and Thread

Discover the possibilities of this craft technique to create amazing textile art with your hands

With a worldwide renaissance of embroidery, contemporary creators are expanding the textile art horizons. From realistic textile illustration to abstract art, it offers countless creative possibilities.

If you want to get started in embroidery, or you want to learn new techniques to create with your hands, these 10 embroiderers and experts in textile art will teach you step by step:

Hair Embroidery Stitching Techniques, a course by Señorita Lylo

In this course you will learn to give a new dimension to your designs, specifically, to create hairstyles. Take a photograph to design a pattern, and give your characters hairstyles that stand out from the frame on a garment of your choice.

Upcycling with Embroidery, a course by Kseniia Guseva

Learn to breathe new life into your clothes by creating embroidered patterns. Get inspired by the architecture of your favorite city in the world and use basic embroidery techniques to recycle your clothes or shoes.

Introduction to Botanical Embroidery, a Coricrafts course

If you are a nature lover, you will love discovering how to bring the colors and textures of plants to your embroidered pieces. Learn simple techniques to create compositions full of life and perspective.

Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo

Discover the visible mending technique to renew any of your garments through embroidery. Do not throw away those clothes that need to be amended and fill them with life and your own style.

Beaded Embroidery Portraits, a course by Camila Rubio Erazo

To create truly unique pieces, there is nothing like adding volume and texture with rhinestones. Use a variety of supports and materials to create an embroidered portrait that expresses your style and creativity.

Needle Painting for Beginners, a course by Valentina Castillo

If you are a pet lover, this course is for you. Discover the basic techniques of needle painting to create a highly realistic animal portrait from painting techniques applied to embroidery.

Punch Needle XL Embroidery, a course by Caro Bello

Learn the technique to embroider with the magic needle or punch needle. Create accessories to decorate your home, modify a garment or whatever you want from your own designs.

Creation of Embroidered Portraits, a course by Bugambilo

In this course you will learn to combine traditional illustration and drawing techniques with others of embroidery. Create a contemporary embroidery portrait and embody the personality of your model in your design.

Fashion Design: Painting and Embroidering Garments, a course by Ana María Restrepo

Learn the technique to combine painting on canvas with embroidery, so that you give a new personality to your clothes. Turn your clothes into true works of art by combining paint with the needle and thread.

Embroidery on Wood, a course by L’ABU

To use an unconventional support, discover how you can embroider on pieces of wood and create pieces of decoration like no other for your home. You can also use it to create accessories while you learn new stitches.


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