Domestika Diary: Naíma Almeida

Visual artist Naíma Almeida sheds light on her creative routine during lockdown and her experience experimenting with augmented reality

Our creative processes are unique. They are influenced by different circumstances; they are a result of our cultural references, the feelings we have at the time, the tools we have available, and of course, the environment in which we find ourselves. We can’t escape these elements, not even in lockdown.

In this Domestika Diary, visual artist Naíma Almeida shares her routine, creative processes, thoughts, and creations during lockdown. Discover more below:

Naíma is a visual artist whose work centers on graphic design and hand-made creations. She combines these two different techniques to tear down boundaries between what’s digital and what’s physical, producing artworks that are an explosion of shape and color, made out of acrylic and felt.

Internationally renowned, Naíma has been awarded prizes by D&AD (London), Clio (New York), the Ibero-American Design Biennial (Madrid), the Latin American Design Awards (Peru), and many others.

While in lockdown during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Naíma began experimenting with new technologies. In collaboration with Adobe, she created an augmented reality experience for the launch of Adobe Aero–an app for creating augmented reality experiences.

“I have created an experience so that we can step out of the reality that the whole world is facing, at least for a few minutes, and visit a more cheerful universe. This universe can be our refuge, a refuge that sits in our pocket and which we can activate on our phones and transport to any real place,” says Naíma.

Domestika Diary: Naíma Almeida 3

It wasn’t just technology that Naíma experimented with during lockdown. Looking to reinvent her living space, Naíma changed the wall colors at home and rearranged the furniture. Despite the situation that she found herself in, Naíma says that, through creating, she experienced a powerful sense of freedom during lockdown. For her, freedom is closely linked to creation.

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