Illustration Tutorial: Drawing Composition Basics

Learn why composition is the backbone of any illustration and how to apply the basics of composition to your own work, with Pietari Posti

Composition—how the elements of an image are organized—tells a viewer how to read an image, showing them where to look, in what order, and why. Knowing how to organize the visual objects in your drawings will help you make sure they are read the way you want them to be.

In this tutorial, Pietari Posti (@studioposti) shares a few basic tips to help you compose a balanced and harmonious image.

1. Weight

Every object depicted in an illustration has a visual weight. It is the illustrator’s job to balance each one accordingly.

Just like with a physical scale, you can balance the image by increasing the number or size of the elements on one side of the image or the other, or by moving them closer or further away from the centerpoint.

You can also use negative space as a counterbalance, considering the shapes and patterns created by the empty spaces surrounding your illustration.


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